Battling the Darkside, Dark UX


Internal battles of dark and light UX commence this month at Sandbox.

Simple choices often lead companies down a dark path of total customer ownership. [Insert evil laugh] This viral affliction can catch even the most ardent User Experience expert off guard, setting us up for long sleepless nights of what-ifs and trips to the psychiatrist.

Join us this month for a contrasts workshop exploring the light and dark side of human-centered design. Common human traits will be exploited based on guidance from marketing and business goals.

Laptops can be used.


6-7pm Networking

7-7:30 Introductions + Design battle instructions

7:30-8 Design

8-8:30 Battle Presentations

8:30+ Networking

Parking: Some free onsite parking is available. To park free, arrive between 6-6:30 at the back lot [masked]th St) to get buzzed in. Note, you'll need to be buzzed out again at the end of the evening.

Paid parking is available at the Pinnacle Building (enter on J). An additional parking lot is available on K street at 14th.


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