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Dit is een Meetup voor iedereen die de voordelen en wijsheid van Sociocratie 3.0 wil ervaren en je mind set van egocentrisch naar sociocentrisch wil laten evolueren. Sociocratie 3.0 maakt het mogelijk om bewust samen te werken op basis van gelijkwaardigheid en eigenaarschap, en de aanwezige collectieve wijsheid te benutten in elk soort organisatie: onze families, onze organisaties, onze school, onze relaties.. Welkom!

We organiseren elke 6-8 weken een S3 Meetup. In adhoc teams bereiden we samen de Meetup voor. Elke keer kiezen we een andere insteek uit het brede gamma van S3. We combineren de basics, een thema sessie en een oefening (vaak in de vorm van een fishbowl) waarin we de praktijk ervaren. We communiceren vooraf een gedetailleerde agenda. Achteraf publiceren we via Meetup de links naar de presentaties, materialen en evaluatie. De locatie van onze S3 Meetup in Antwerpen is de WellnessRoom in de Winkelhaak, http://www.winkelhaak.be

Meer informatie over Sociocracy 3.0 vind je op www.sociocracy30.org (http://www.sociocracy30.org/)


This is a Meetup for you if you like to explore the wisdom and benefits of Sociocracy 3.0 and change your mindset from egocentric to sociocentric. Sociocracy 3.0 is about equivalence, accountability and tapping collective wisdom in every kind of organisation, be it our family, our company, our school, our relations... This Meetup operates in Dutch. Feel welcome to join us!
Learn more on www.sociocracy30.org (http://www.sociocracy30.org/)

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S3 Meetup: Decentralized governance: what can DAOs and S3 learn from each other?

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You’ve probably heard about blockchain, WEB3 and cryptocurrencies. But did you know that these technologies enabled so-called DAOs to emerge? DAOs - or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations - are member-owned communities without centralized leadership. They can operate distributed and have fully decentralized governance. This is built in by design because the governance agreements and financial transactions are maintained on a blockchain.

This means that DAOs potentially have the decentralization and transparency that a lot of physical organizations can only dream about and wish to evolve towards. Many DAOs emerged to make a significant positive impact in addressing the challenges of our time. Might these governance experiments show us a new way to do things together? In this meetup, we’ll explore what we can learn from DAOs and whether and how Sociocracy 3.0 patterns could be useful for DAOs.

We invited Jeremy Akers - who collaborates in the Regens United DAO - to share his DAO experience with us. Regens Unite believes that each of us has a different piece of the puzzle 🧩 to regenerate people 🌱, communities 🌻 and the planet 🌍. So we maximize human connection 🤝 and cross-pollination 🐝, building the web3 of trust 🪄through in-person events.

After Jeremy has provided us with a ‘DAO for dummies’ introduction, An Van Damme and Jef Cumps will join the conversation to explore what we can learn from each other and what myths there are to bust. We’ll probably bump into topics such as decision-making, equivalence, transparency, etc.

Expect to be pulled into the conversation, as we want to tap the collective intelligence of all meetup participants to mutually share and learn about these topics.


This meetup requires no special upfront knowledge or experience. It’s totally fine to not know anything about cryptocurrencies or blockchain. As long as you’re open for learning.

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S3 en DD: “two of a kind” of “both and more”?

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