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"You ARE Enough" WEBINAR: Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network
• What we'll do This meeting will be formatted similarly to the in person meetup for this group. We network, educate, share resources, promote each other and mastermind on speaking and business best practices! Agenda as follows: 5:00 pm - Welcome from Katrina Sawa (host) and "quick" introductions from those on live 5:20 pm - Reminders from Katrina on upcoming events, member & group announcements 5:30 pm - 10 min speaker with Megan Fenyoe on the topic of: 5 Steps To Finally Believing You Are Enough - Have you ever felt stuck in your negative mind….felt that your thoughts and feelings had such a tight grip on you that you felt you could not escape? Have you ever felt like you’re not ENOUGH? What you’ll learn from this presentation: • The simple 5-step system people need who don’t know where to start when it comes to achieving a healthy lifestyle or what to do next • Identify mindset blocks that can prohibit you from achieving the life you truly want • Identify healthy habits including morning rituals, time management and self-care tools to get you believing YOU ARE ENOUGH! 5:45 pm - Kat's 5 min Jumpstart Your Biz Tip 5:50 pm - 5 minutes in the spotlight hot seat for one member on the call 5:55 pm - Last minute shout out for free gifts, links, events and more (to be placed in chat room for easy access for all) Note: Katrina will copy the chat room contents at the end of each webinar and include in a follow up email along with the recording of that month's webinar. • What to bring Try to come video ready at a computer if you can and for best communicating, use this link on zoom to join in live: Otherwise you are welcome to call in only if you're driving or not able to access zoom. The call in only info is:[masked], Meeting ID/PIN:[masked]. Bring ideas, your 30 second schpeel, a call to action or free gift or promotion of what you would like to share with the group too. • Important to know Come on time for introductions of everyone in the group. Bring a free gift link to post in the chat room for all to take advantage of. Be ready to possibly get chosen for a hot seat in our "5 Minutes in the Spotlight".

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What we're about

The Sacramento Speakers Network is a great place for authors, experts, trainers, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, business professionals and professional speakers to network, share resources and exchange ideas. Whether you are an experienced speaker or you're just getting started, we invite you to join us for a meeting unlike any other you have attended before.

The Sacramento Speakers Network is focused on the business of speaking and how to monetize more of what you're doing in your business or your speaking. The majority of our members are business professionals or owners plus speakers or budding speakers and therefore we all benefit by sharing resources, discussing strategies for generating more business and speaking engagements, networking and building relationships within the group--all while learning advanced business skills.

If you represent an organization or group that is in need of a speaker, please browse our member list. You can also contact Katrina Sawa for assistance, the Organizer of this group or on her website at .

There is no cost to join us online, we have complimentary webinars monthly as of 2018 as well as in person lunch time meetings that do have a fee and include your lunch. We hope you will join us for one of our lively and informative meetings online or in person!


To apply to speak at an upcoming Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network meeting, go to for info and to fill out an application form.


In addition, if you want to learn more on how to become a speaker or incorporate speaking into your business more and how to develop your talk, get speaking gigs, build confidence and more, check out Katrina's Free Speaker Success Webinar here: .

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Are you ready to become a public speaker?

Do you know that speaking is the #1 way you can get clients when you have your own business?

Speaking is something that every entrepreneur should be focusing more on:

- how to do it

- what to speak about

- how to incorporate it into your business

- how to get leads from speaking

- how to sell from stage or how to sell from a webinar

But the problem is that very few entrepreneurs actually do this. OR they do it but don't really understand how it can correlate to sales in their business.

Speaking is something that you want to get some training with on:

- how to create your talks and presentations

- how to own the stage

- how to create a speaker sheet

- how to get speaking gigs and opportunities

- how to present yourself during the speaking gig

- how to gather leads during speaking gigs

- in person or virtually

- how to sell from stage

- how to follow up effectively (most of your sales will come in the follow up!)

- how to present yourself as a speaker on your website and online social profiles

- and soooo much more!

The webinar here is a snippet of what we do at the Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network meetings and online webinars. We have a community on Meetup and Facebook that anyone can join to learn more about speaking to grow your business, entrepreneurship, business and marketing.


We hold live, in person, meetups in the Sacramento CA area every month as well as interactive webinars like this one on Zoom monthly as well (starting in 2018). Anyone is welcome to attend either or both.

All you have to do is become a member (it's FREE) over on the meetup page here:

Then you can also join our Facebook group (once you become a member on meetup) here:

In addition, I'm a business coach and the organizer of this group and I help entrepreneurs develop your speaking skills, get gigs, learn everything we're talking about here and I help get you visible and making money from speaking.

I hold 3-4 live trainings each year - you can find out more about the Live Event Schedule for Jumpstart Your Biz Events at and here is the 2018 schedule.

April 5-7 (Th/Fri/Sa) - Love & Money LIVE!

June 14-16 (Th/Fri/Sa) - Speaker Success Bootcamp

August 23-24 (Th/Fri) - Jumpstart Your Biz Online

November 1-3 (Th/Fri/Sa) - Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend

If you'd like to discuss this all and how to become a speaker or use speaking more to grow YOUR business and make a lot more money doing what you love then come talk with me about this and more in a complimentary business strategy session by clicking here:

Here's to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

Katrina Sawa

Award Winning Speaker, Jumpstart Your Biz Coach & Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


PS: Get your Free Jumpstart Your Biz Kit now at!

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