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What we’re about

Discover your own unique personal wisdom, healing and connection to the Spirit World by learning how to Shamanically Journey.

~~ Turn your "Worry List" into a "Journey List" to achieve dramatic changes in your life.~~

For thousands of years ancestors have performed the Sacred Pipe Ceremony & Shamanic Journey Circles to deeply heal, pray, spiritually evolve and bring us into harmony with all of creation. So many of us are thirsty for this. If you feel the call, honor and open up to where your soul is guiding you. Remember what your ancestors already knew.

You will experience ...

• Creating Sacred Space

• Bringing in All Energies of Creation by Calling in the Seven Directions

• Honoring & Contribute Your Unique Intention to the Sacred Hoop

• Sending Prayers & Receiving Blessings through the Sacred Pipe

• Journeying into the Gifts of Healing offered from Compassionate Spirits & Power Animals

• The Joy of Fellowship with Tribe

• Techniques for an Oasis of Possibility

• Sacred Hoop Ceremonies | Unifying All Through Rhythm & Intention


• Optional: Bring your Drum, Rattle or Both. Also, if you would simply like to attend without an instrument - you are absolutely welcome.

• Your own sacred medicine objects as you feel called to bring them


• Pillows, blankets, thick padded yoga mats

• Filtered water, tea and goodies to nourish you


**To preserve ultimate quality, space is limited. Once we are sold out - please no walk-ins. Please book to reserve your spot & if you are late ~ simply enter quietly. We do offer future credit if you are unable to make it.**