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What we’re about

That's 10 whole years on Meetup and having a lot of FUN! And it continues!
August 19, 2013----August 19, 2023...10 Awesome Years! Are you ready to be a part of SAFE!!!!???!!!
San Antonio Fun for Everyone aka SAFE has had more than 1200 events!
We've grown tremendously and this year marks our 10th Anniversary!!!
Get ready for more events and San Antonio Fun for Everyone!
With every group, there are rules. And rules help everyone be SAFE. Before considering to join us, we strongly encourage you to read over them. They will help you learn what we're all about.
1. PURPOSE: Meet New Friends & Hangout Together.
2. RESPECT: is priority at all times
3. VERY IMPORTANT: RSVP our group, when someone RSVPS to an event, this means they are telling everyone they are going to the event.
4. NOT A DATING SERVICE: harassment by anyone at anytime will be removed Immediately. The Organizer will follow group guideline protoccols.
5. PHOTOS: a face picture is required on every profile
*pictures will be taken at every event
*if you do not care to be in pictures, it is your responsibility to tell the photographer
*we encourage everyone to take pictures as well and share into event album
6. UNRELATED INFO: do not post other groups' events other than SAFE on comments(they will be deleted immediately). Ask Richard first.
7. CONTACT INFO: Richard's phone number will always be available and on every event he Hosts. Other Hosts may provide theirs as well.
8. PRIVACY: Non-members are limited to view specific member info
9. The Organizer owns 2 groups on Meetup, both are inclusive & Welcome to join:
*SAFE(San Antonio Fun for Everyone)
*SAGF(San Antonio Gay Friends)
10. JOINT EVENTS: we're all a Meetup Family. We'll have joint events from time to time
That's it folks, we run a fairly easy group. All we ask is that you follow our rules and all will be fine.
Now enough of all that, let's have FUN for EVERYONE!!!
Keep in mind, we all join groups to Meet New Friends and enjoy events TOGETHER.
And just know that with SAFE grouip, there's no clicks, no favorites...just a lot of fun and friendly folks of all ages waiting to meet you and have a great time!