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While called Sahaja Yoga Meditation, there are no physical ‘yoga’ postures involved. Instead we achieve inner yoga, or union with ourselves and forces greater than ourselves so we become connected, alive, energised and peaceful.

While formerly holding onsite classes all over Australia (and the world), they were put on hold while this silly pandemic sorts itself out, and we're thrilled to now be slowly returning to onsite classes (as of Feb 2021). They're listed as ONSITE classes.

We also continue to make the most of the online space by bringing true meditation to people in their own homes and workplaces.

This unique meditation helps people activate their own inner peace, balance and wisdom. Rather than fill the mind with more clutter, we learn how to still and clear it, so our spirit can flow unimpeded through our being and life. It is an experience.

The easy, non-invasive method, which was developed in 1970, is now practiced in more than 100 countries around the world. It is ‘the new yoga’ if you will, connecting us the spirit in a way never before possible.

This very active online community hosts live webcasts as various times throughout the week via Youtube, Zoom and Facebook. They are always free since you cannot be charged for what is innately yours.


For ONSITE Classes, simply RSVP, sink in and enjoy.

For ONLINE Classes:

1) RSVP here. Ensure you RSVP to a BEGINNER'S SESSION IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SAHAJA YOGA BEFORE. Otherwise, you will miss vital first steps. You may also find the intermediate or advanced classes will make you go 'Huh?'

2) See https://www.freemeditation.com.au for the complete list of webcasts, as well as lots of excellent resources. You can also subscribe to occasional e-newsletters if you'd like to be kept up to date of special events.

3) Most importantly, maintain a daily practice (of at least 5 minutes morning and night) using the Online Meditations also on the website, and Meetup sessions. After all, we're all in it together.

Upcoming events (4+)

Now Open: Hampton Park ONSITE Class, Thursdays

Needs a location

It is when we meditate together that we truly feel the oneness with ourselves and the Divine, the true yoga. Let's take a break from the screen, meet in person (within Covid-safe requirements) and rise to higher levels together. Arrive a few minutes early to meet everyone and settle in to the experience of a lifetime.

Now Open: Melton ONSITE Class, Thursdays

Needs a location

No requirements, everything is provided. The meditation is called Sahaja Yoga, which is an effortless spontaneous experience which will transform your life and bring benefits to every aspect of your being.

Thoughtless Thursdays

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For Beginners & Regulars
Hosted by Jenny & the team from Sydney. Join on Zoom.

Fearless Fridays

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For Regulars
Become your own master. For further details please see
Hosted by various practitioners. Join on Facebook. Please request to join the Journey Within Facebook Group NOW via link so you're approved in time.

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