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Her legacy empowers!! - Come experience Inner Peace through Meditation

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Her legacy empowers!! - Come experience Inner Peace through Meditation


Come and experience a unique method of meditation. Learn how Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi discovered Sahaja Yoga and how she dedicated herself to bringing spiritual awakening and inner peace to everyone she embraced.

Join us in honoring her extraordinary life and celebrating the 100th anniversary of her birth. We will also have musical offerings today, followed by drinks/snacks at the end.

About our sessions:
Classes are conducted in a peaceful environment. Soothing background music helps facilitate meditation. Meditations are guided by experienced instructors and are designed to accommodate the collective experience. Individual assistance (both beginner and advanced) is always available.

These sessions are designed to introduce Sahaja meditation practice to new people. Instructors will provide an overview of the Sahaja technique and explain its unique benefits. You’ll learn how to awaken and activate your inner subtle energy, so you can practice meditation effectively.

If you continue to practice Sahaja Meditation, you'll discover and experience, step by step, your own energy centers, and their associated qualities. Ultimately, Sahaja classes can provide a complete course on meditation and spirituality, which you can continue to experiment with and verify at every step.

All Sahaja Meditation events are always free.

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Sahaja Meditation Cincinnati
Sahaja Meditation Cincinnati
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3416 Clifton Avenue · Cincinnati, OH