Free Meditation Classes in Aurora


Every week on Wednesday

Aurora Municipal Center

15151 East Alameda Parkway · Aurora

How to find us

Aurora Municipal Center - 3r Floor, Lowry Room

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For just 10 minutes a day - the amount of time it takes to make a coffee - you can feel the immediate benefits that meditation brings to your mental and physical health. Our method is aimed at the general public and designed to harmonize with your daily life. We teach you how simple and effective techniques can be built into any part of your day and can be practiced anywhere. We also show how meditation can be used at work and in creative pursuits, in schools to help children manage anger and depression, and for general physical health.

Come join our program. It’s always free. Please RSVP.

More info:

How will you feel? Better. More relaxed. More comfortable with yourself. A profound sense of calm.
Our classes are open to anyone who wants to experience and learn Sahaja Yoga Meditation. There are absolutely no obligations and no need for fancy mats or costly clothes, either. In fact, you don’t need to bring anything at all. Learning how to meditate just doesn’t get any easier. Or any more free. Classes are led by experts, many with thousands of hours of experience and deep knowledge and skill. In addition, there are often people training to become instructors who are happy to offer individual guidance. Classes are tailored to the needs of the attendees. A starter session will be given if there are newcomers. New techniques and insights are always available for regulars. Advanced techniques may also be explored. Classes begin with a brief announcement and introduction followed by 30-40 minutes of instruction and practice. Typically, classes are no more than an hour. Not long, considering the benefits can last a life time.