What we're about

Want to meet in a smallish to medium group to discuss a book, once per month or so?

Then give this a shot, whether you've got experience in book clubs or not. It's nothing formal, just a simple discussion and maybe hanging out after. With a soft but flexible focus on the sci-fi and fantasy genres.

I'm Shane. Writer and reader, very much enjoy discussing fiction, especially speculative (fantasy, sci-fi, etc).

Looking to have some interesting discussions and log more books per year, and the community aspect of a book club is great for that.

We'll meet outdoors, like a park or something, given the current situation.

One book, one meeting, per month should be fine. We can take suggestions from each other and then do a vote for the next one.

I will bring discussion questions at the meetings themselves. No one else is obligated to bring anything except at least some of the book read.

I do not care if you didn't finish the book, come anyway! As long as you have an interesting reason why. I love talking about my experience reading a book, adn yes, sometimes that includes why I stopped.

That's it, I think. Join if you want to read books and then discuss them with a recurring group. It's fun.

Now, let's talk books!


Past events (10)

Stand on Zanzibar - Science Fiction Book Discussion

Needs a location

Salem's Lot - Horror Book Discussion

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Leviathan Wakes - SciFi Book Discussion

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The Library at Mount Char - Dark Fantasy Book Discussion

Needs a location

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