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Dear STLSC Members,

After careful consideration, I've determined that it will be in the best interest of STLSC to merge our group with SWAGS. This was a bittersweet decision, as STLSC has seen steady growth over the past year. Nevertheless, I recognize that STLSC is unlikely to reach its full potential due to our limited resources and shortage of active event organizers. Combining STLSC and SWAGS will address each of these issues and position the new group for greater potential success going forward.

Unfortunately, this move will result in the current STLSC being dissolved. Don't worry, though. STLSC will live on! As part of this new partnership, starting May 1st, SWAGS will be rebranded as the new "St. Louis Social Club". I will be joining SWAGS' current Organizer, Morton Todd, as Co-Organizer of this newly-merged group.

If you are already a member of SWAGS, you will not have to re-apply for membership in the new group. However, if you are NOT currently a member, you will be required to apply for membership in the new STLSC, formerly known as SWAGS. (Doing so is basically a formality and is primarily for clerical purposes, as most STLSC members will be accepted into the new group, provided they meet all membership requirements and haven't been flagged for previous misconduct.)

In order to provide the best possible experience for our members, we will also begin charging an annual $10 non-refundable membership fee sometime shortly after the merger process has been completed. All the money we collect will go towards the group, including our subscription with Meetup, venue rentals (holiday party, annual picnic, etc.) and other operational expenses.

Over the next month (May of 2023), you will receive multiple email notifications reminding you that you must apply for membership in the new STLSC / former SWAGS. (A subsequent email containing information and instructions on paying membership dues will be sent to all members of the new group at a later date.) The deadline to switch your membership to the new group is May 31st. As of June 1st, anyone who is still listed as a member of the current version of STLSC will be deleted from the membership registry and this group will cease to exist.

You can access the new group by clicking [HERE](https://www.meetup.com/swags-singles-wanting-adventure-group-and-social-activities/).

I realize that many of you may be apprehensive about these upcoming changes. However, I strongly believe that the pending merger and implementation of membership dues will allow us to provide a much more enjoyable experience for our members. If you have any questions or concerns, Morton and I welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact us via Meetup's direct messaging system. I can also personally be reached via email at daniel@stlsocial.club

Thank you for being a member of STLSC. I'm confident that you will be pleased with what we have in store for you in the new St. Louis Social Club!

Happy Trails!
Daniel Moses

For more information, visit our website at stlsocial.club

Upcoming events (2)

Prom Night PLUS Karaoke

Jo's 5th Street Pub

Prom Night: June 3,[masked]:00 pm
Where: Jo’s 5th Street Pub, Cottleville MO in Saint Charles County (behind Mannino’s Italian Grocery)
WHY? Previous years “proms” were highly successful and leads to fun party until 1:00 A.M. Let’s continue this tradition.
Another Reason: Most of us don’t dress up anymore. Perhaps for a wedding, maybe New Years Eve. Yes, this an excuse to pull out your hot gowns, your best suits, your fancy tuxedo and dress up. We all look a little “hotter” and after those lockdowns we can look our “best.”
This is just for fun: So guys, if you have a tux, wear it (or your best suit). Ladies, feel free to wear some great dresses, even if they are a bit revealing. Don’t go woke on me. Some may choose to go to dinner Saturday night all dressed up, and join the others at Jo's. (You do not have to dress up, but please do)
By the way, if you like smoke-free dive bars, you will love Jo's.
Karaoke starts at 9:00 so people can get settled and meet others in the group. Then feel free to sign up and sing, or relax and listen to some local legends such as AJ, Al, Bobby, Gary-oke, and Sky.
Let me warn you, the drinks are strong and the wine pours are very generous. If you have not been to Jo’s, it is not a huge place, and often gets crowded around 10:30.
You will hear songs by Billy Joel, Rascal Flatts, Elton John, Smoky Robinson, The Temptations, Journey, Tom Petty, Blake Shelton, Ed Sheeren, among others. Great atmosphere.

Hillberry music festival

The farm

If you like Bluegrass, Jam-grass, etc, camping and an amazing time then this is your event
It’s up to five days of great music and great people
You won’t meet a stranger ( ok strange people) will be met

I’m going also probably combining a crystal digging trip with this. So if your interested in that lett me know.

Ticket prices range from $180/$650f


Past events (1,464)

Tuesday Night Sand Volleyball

Hanley Park