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What we’re about

Want to socialize, but don't want to feel like you have to drink/use while doing it? Well, whether you're a fan of chilling over a cup of coffee while reading a good book or prefer a rock concert after a hard day of hiking, then "Sober and Social in Salem" could be the group for you!

This group exists so that everyone in recovery (or those just sober in general) in the Salem and surrounding area(s) can get together without the structure of organized recovery ( may need that too...and resources can be provided upon request). The idea being that, through organizing many types of sober events and adventures, people can have an avenue to share and bond with a clear-headed community.

As such, this is a social group, not a recovery group. No event is off limits, except drugs and alcohol can’t be consumed right before, or during events. This is a safe environment for social engagement. Event ideas include, but aren’t limited to: BBQ's in the park, potluck dinners, dining out, movies, museums, music, performing arts, biking, hiking and walking. We encourage everyone to make suggestions and if you want to be an event organizer, please reach out! Pretty please...reach out.

The group is not affiliated with any specific recovery organization and welcomes any path you have chosen for sobriety. Everyone is welcome regardless of your recovery affiliation or non-affiliation, number of days sober, age, gender, orientation, ethnicity, religion, spiritual beliefs, etc. If you are seeking activities in a sober environment with people that live with sober values, come join us!

Since everyone is welcome, feel free to bring your sober friends/family if you desire. You'll likely find a group of lovely and welcoming people. We will see you soon!