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Regular Game Night at <TBD> venue
This is our "regular" Wednesday game night that I am scheduling out automatically. Key things to NOTE (yeah - please READ all if you are new or have not attended an event - if not you will be banished to the Warp): * Pleas RSVP anytime you want but have courtesy and drop out properly by simply changing your status for the event BEFORE it happens! Carefully check the details for each event before just whacking the Check button under "Are You Going". * Typically events are every 2 weeks on WEDNESDAY evening but they can (and will vary like this one) for Holidays other fun dates or I am moving - ugh. * I will schedule the venue before the event but nominally for now it is VAGABOND BREWING. Others places we have used are Wild Things and Borderlands. Shout out a venue of your choice and if I see enough interest we can certainly go for it. * Bring some games you want to SHARE - you just need to have some passion to show it to others! * Session TIME is nominally 5pm to 10pm - this may get tweaked for a session based on venue or other factors. * You do not need to ARRIVE right at the start - at worst you may get stuck learning a new game by watching or trying one of my numerous 2 person and/or fast games. * PARTICIPATE - shout a new game you have or shout out one you want to play. * Help me put the SOCIAL into this meetup! Do all of the above and become an organizer if you desire. Any regular attendee is more than welcome to ask and I will gladly hand you a Grand Poobah hat so you can host/schedule/write an event of your own. * And if you made it to reading here - also note that is NOT FREE for the organizer. It is ~$190/year - which I am more than glad to pay to meet fantastic friends that I have already. And that will thrive unless I eventually decide to take my marbles and go home and play from there with those good friends! ;^) Any questions - message me here thru meetup. Your Fearless (two cards left before the Ethnos last age) Leader ;^) -Walt

TBD - Vagabond Brewing OR Borderlands OR Wild Things

TBD · Salem

What we're about

Portland has multiple, Corvallis as well - Salem needs a gaming group!

I enjoy tabletop gaming - especially when the goal is for fun, social interaction while playing great games.

If you agree - join us!

For now will post ad hoc events and depending on membership and interest - can try something regular later.

On where we play, Vagabond Brewing is good as they are large (more than the average crowded bar) with big tables and good food and beer. However, the group can pick new places to try.

Please read all the below as it should help explain what I hope to create here with your help.

Our basic tenets

• Making friends and good conversation while playing games

• All ages are welcome, women, men, or any other game loving life form!

• Play tabletop games that appeal to the most people with an emphasis on fun versus competition.

• Games will include board, strategy, card, euro-style, party games or others that play on a table (doh!).

• Easy to learn games that can be completed in one session (nominally 1-2 hours at most)

All members should foster the following:

• Innovative and varying game themes and mechanics regardless of the style of game - zany, weird, crazy, bizarre are just fine as long as fun and folks like it

• Introduce and share new games with the group with a desire to teach others how to play

• Share games (common or unknown gems) that clearly emphasize approachability over complexity and length (read Magic, D&D, and even Risk or Monopoly which can go on for a long time)

• Inclusion of any and all people that want to play that abide bt the principals noted here.

• Games with "conflict" and direct player interaction are absolutely fine but need to keep afun attitude on competition and play.

What we are not

• Gamers that prefer or want to play games that require players to learn a complex set of rules over time (D&D is a perfect example)

• Gamers that are interested in serious competition with the goal of mastering a game - a fine goal - but not the intention of this group

• Gamers that prefer only games that have no luck or intentionally are void of it (Chess, GO, etc. - again those are fine but just not in the context of appealing to the majority of folks that prefer more casual games)

• Gamers that prefer games that are very deep in complexity (both learning and playing.

• Gamers that want to play one game and get really "good" at that one alone.

Game we can play

Below is just a partial list of games I have or hope to get and play soon. Some of these are excellent 2 player game so can pair off and swap games/partners as needed.

5 Second Rule
Battle Sheep
Betrayal At House on the Hill
Castle Panic
Cosmic Encounter
Dumb Ass
Forbidden Island
Hand and Foot
Mental Floss
Oh Hell
One Night Ultiimate Werewolf
Phase 10
Smart Ass
Ticket To Ride


And for even more on my radar, my Amazon tabletop game list:

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