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What we’re about

Better Leads, More Sales, & Higher Profits! Become A Member Now!

This MeetUp Group is designed for local sales/marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals who want to create more leads, improve sales, and produce higher profitability.

These meetings will let you to meet, network, and venture with other businesses and professionals.

However, unlike most other groups, these meetings are not only focused networking and meeting each other although that is part of what we'll do. At each meeting, there will be a presenter(s) to share key specific strategies and tactics you can take with you that day to implement.

Lastly, after each meeting everyone will receive notes from the meeting, and all members will receive a master list of the other members and their contact information (not to sell to, but to use as a powerful resource list).

The first couple meetings will be free but I may ask for a small donation $10-$20 to cover expenses. We will begin as soon as we have enough people interested. While I have tentatively set a time and place, it is possible that will change so look out for email updates!

See you soon!

Scott Cantrell