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*** Enjoy Life in One of the World's Most Diverse, Cultural & Quality Cities ! ***

GLOBAL FRIENDS -- There are no strangers here, just FRIENDS YOU HAVEN'T MET !

--- Message from Organizer: *We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, racism, sexism, ageism, etc. - any insults towards members will result in ejection from the event. This group is meant to reflect the diversity of Salt Lake City, and to combine the many cultures within.

Check your ego at the door, meet some new people at one of our events, and expand your professional and personal network in Salt Lake City. Most of all - have fun! ---- Kyle

* A community is great because of its members, and we need you to make it great!

If you enjoy friendship, activities, music, arts,

networking, socializing, parties,

learning, sharing, inspiration, personal/professional development,

travel, culture, language, and/or some fun,

and you like them for free,

this is the group for you!!

Let's explore together & see what the city's got to offer!

We live in an ever-shrinking world, where the technologies and transportation systems make it easier than ever to connect people from every corner of the world. We also have the fortune to live in a quality and vibrant city that is home to people of diverse backgrounds and life experience. The Salt Lake City Friends Network gives you an opportunity to experience some of the many international cultures that Salt Lake City hosts, to share your knowledge of cultural heritage, interests/hobbies or professional expertise with other members of the group, and make new friends while doing so.

A mission for this group is to provide good company as well as a positive and safe environment for members to experience things that, for whatever reasons, you longed for but weren't able to do before. You'll also get to know things that you can do and enjoy in SLC through the meetups proposed by your peers. It is also a hope of our group to promote cross-cultural dialogues, sharing, understanding, and peer supports through a variety of local activities and events, as well as international trips.

But we (organizers) are few and you are many, and this means that to work toward these goals we need the proactive participation and supports from at least some members of the community. This group is unique because of our members, and we look forward to meeting you and facilitate the meetup ideas you propose.

* We are a hundred thousand (100,000) global citizens that meet locally & connect globally.




A network where you get to meet new friends in every major city worldwide, a place people share their precious experience, perspectives, and cultures from every corner of the world!

If you happen to be traveling to the following cities or even thinking of the possibilities of staying somewhere overseas for a while (long or short), welcome to join the respective groups and connect to members there. We'll be happy to facilitate a welcoming/social meetup for you while you arrive (FREE of charge:), or contact our connections there for you in case you need assistance.

Our membership will ALWAYS be FREE for all groups in the network, as well as events and service from organizers.

* We are NOT associated/affiliated with any travel agencies, immigration companies, or other for-profit organizations etc. Just a service with good intentions & best efforts:)

Paris Friends (http://www.meetup.com/Paris_Friends/)

London Friends (http://www.meetup.com/London_Friends/)

New York Friends (3,500+ New Yorkers & international friends) (http://www.meetup.com/International-Language-Exchange/)

San Francisco Friends (8,700+ members) (http://www.meetup.com/San_Francisco_Friends/)

LA Friends (http://www.meetup.com/LA_Friends/)

Washington DC Friends (http://www.meetup.com/DC_International/)

Sydney Friends (http://www.meetup.com/Sydney_International/)

Tokyo Friends (http://www.meetup.com/Asian-Networks/)

Hong Kong Friends (5,000 members) (http://www.meetup.com/HongKong-International/)

Shanghai Friends (3,500+ members (http://www.meetup.com/Shanghai-Friend/))

Beijing Friends

Singapore Friends (http://www.meetup.com/Singapore-International/)

Taipei Friends (3,500+ members) (http://www.meetup.com/Taipei-Meetup/)

Toronto Friends (http://www.meetup.com/Taipei-Meetup/)(5,000+ Torontonions & global citizens) (http://www.meetup.com/WorldCultures/)

* More cities coming--Montreal, Vancouver, Rome, Berlin, Dubai, Thailand...


This is a platform in Toronto where people get to discover the city together in a fun and safe environment. People who are familiar with the city are of course welcome to join us and even provide meeting ideas. Newcomers to Toronto (from overseas) are also more than welcome to join us and explore Toronto and Canada together!

*** Enjoy Life, Dream BIG & Live with Passion ! ***

We aim at building a safe and friendly community with people currently residing in Toronto or visiting from overseas. You don't need to have experience overseas or be able to speak English to join this group. Every friendly person is welcome in this group! (Including people local in Toronto or (originally) from other parts of the world.)

The following are some recommended meetups grouped by common interests (in no particular orders):

20 & 30 somethings in Toronto (3,000+ friends) (http://www.meetup.com/Global-Network/)

Toronto Entrepreneurs (http://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Entrepreneurs/)(9,000+ dreamers with actions, a top startup/business community in the world) (http://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Entrepreneurs/)

DISCOVER TORONTO: The Adventures & Travel Meetup Group (3,500+ adventurers)

Toronto Health & Wellness Meetup Group

* A community that cares about the health & happiness of people around us--FREE service since 2002 :)

Toronto Language Exchange (4,000+ global citizens)

Toronto Newcomers (4,000+ friends, #1 In Canada, #3 in the world!)

Study English in Canada (5,000 international friends @ Toronto)

* FREE service to Toronto's international communities since 2007.

Toronto Artists & Art Lovers

Toronto Sports, Leisure & Outdoor Activities

Ontario Academics (http://www.meetup.com/Google-plus-Facebook/)

Canadian Fashion Lovers & Professionals

* If you happen to be traveling to Toronto, you are welcome to join our groups and events as well:) If you are currently overseas but have a plan to visit or stay in Toronto in the near future, still welcome join this main group and contact the organizers when you need assistance!

EPI-Net: The Entrepreneurs, Professionals & Investors Network (http://www.meetup.com/North-America-Entrepreneurs/)(30,000 members globally) (http://www.meetup.com/North-America-Entrepreneurs/)

* Where Entrepreneurs, Dreamers & Investors Meet Up

EPI-Net @ Silicon Valley, USA (http://www.meetup.com/Taipei-International/)

EPI-Net @ London, UK, Europe (http://www.meetup.com/Entrepreneurs-101/)

EPI-Net @ Shanghai, China, Asia (http://www.meetup.com/Taipei-International/)

EPI-Net @ TORONTO, Canada (http://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Entrepreneurs/)

Toronto Investors & Mentors Network (#2 in Canada)

Toronto Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs (TYPE) 2,400+ members

Female Entrepreneurs in Canada (2,800+ members)

TORONTO TECH: Wearable, IoT, Big Dada, 3D Printing, Energy, AI, Robotics...

The Toronto Marketing Meetup Group (3,000+ members)

Dear friends,

This is an effort to establish a global network of communities, currently being fast deployed in major cities worldwide, including but not limited to, Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, New York, San Francisco (Silicon Valley), LA, Chicago, Washington DC, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Thailand... And much more!

Our mandate is to build a global platform that belongs to all members in it. Participants get to mix and mingle in a safe and friendly environment, have fun and adventures together, or establish long-lasting friendship among local/global members.

We will facilitate members to participate in various activities, festivals, and social mixers for free, plus opportunities for the adventurous to explore hidden gems in the city together--enjoying a rich and happy lifestyle to the fullest! Newcomers and international visitors will benefit from the hospitality of local residents, and get to blend in a new environment smoothly with flying colors...

We believe that this service can be offered for FREE, and we need your participation and encouragement to make it happen!

• We have reached our first milestone of 100,000 members in 20 cities within a couple years, becoming one of the largest global communities in the world, ever!

• NEXT MILESTONE: 100 cities, 1 million friends -- Establish a global network of friendship, Spread happiness & joy to every corner of the world, Promote harmony & peer assistance in communities locally and Magnify synergy of societies globally.

If you are fond of our vision, do not hesitate to join us and check it out! Invite your family and friends who may be interested or benefit from this platform. When you see fit, share our events on your personal social media or extend our invitation to communities you are affiliated with.

We appreciate your supports, volunteering, and valuable inputs, while nothing is mandatory except for mutual respects to all members in the community:)

Best wishes,



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Upcoming events (3)

Upcoming trips : Cuba - Turkey - Africa - Tuscany - Iceland - Thailand!

Amazing upcoming trips! See below for some details. Email [masked] if interested in a trip or if you have questions. Detail for each trip can be seen here : http://globe-drifters.com. ----- CUBA (9 days / 8 nights) Small groups usually between 5-10 people and mostly solo travelers. Local and authentic trips with stays in Cuban privately-run B&B style accommodations. March 16 - 24,[masked] solo female and male looking for roommates. ----- TURKEY (11 days / 10 nights) Historic churches, mosques and palaces of Istanbul. Subterranean tunnels and homes that date back to the 7th century B.C in Cappadocia. Crystal-blue, natural thermal pools at the ‘Cotton Castle’ of Pamukkale. Sunrise hot air ballooning over fairy tale valleys. And more! May 11 - 21, 2019 ----- TUSCANY VILLA STAY (2 / 4 weeks) We’ll enjoy life at a slower pace as we soak up the culture, food and amazing vistas of the Italian countryside. Head to the local markets to pick out some cheese and wine and stroll through narrow passageways that will take us back to medieval times. Ride a bike or take a leisurely walk to back to our 18th century luxury villa while passing olive groves during an amazing Tuscan sunset. This is the Italy that few tourists get to see! 4 week trip : May 4 - June 1, 2019 2 week trip : May 4 - 18, 2019 // May 18 - June 1, 2019 // August 24 - September 7, 2019 ----- ZIMBABWE, BOTSWANA & SOUTH AFRICA (13 days / 12 nights) Explore stunning landscapes, amazing wildlife and majestic waterfalls in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. Witness the power of Victoria Falls. Try to spot the Big Five and other beautiful animals. Go camping in the park of Africa’s largest elephant population as you fall asleep under a night sky full of sparkling stars. June 8 - 20, 2019 ----- ICELAND (11 days / 10 nights) Iceland’s 30+ active volcanoes and gorgeous glaciers lend it the nickname “The Land of Fire and Ice”. Magical glimmering of the Aurora Borealis, majestic waterfalls that will leave you speechless. Steam and water exploding from ancient geysers, and toasty warm hot springs for you to take a dip in, all make Iceland a true winter wonderland whose beauty will leave you in awe! Dates have been carefully selected to coincide with the optimal time to view the Northern Lights. The hotels we stay at have an Aurora Borealis wake up call so if you want to see them, you can get a call to your room! September 21 - October 1, 2019 ----- THAILAND for LANTERN FESTIVAL (15 days / 14 nights) We’ll be just in time for the mass lantern release in Chiang Mai. Tickets are really hard to come by, but we have them! Thailand’s breathtaking landscape, mouth-watering food, relaxing massages and laid back vibe makes it the perfect vacation spot. Did I mention that the massages are only $8 each?! November 2 - 16, 2019 ----- MOROCCO (12 days / 11 nights) Ancient medinas to dunes of the Sahara, Morocco’s enchanting landscapes will mesmerize you and transport you back in time as you haggle for spices and textiles in the energetic souks, sleep under an immense blanket of twinkling stars in the Saharan sky, and caravan by camel into the desert just like the Berber nomads do. November 9 - 20, 2019 ----- VIETNAM/CAMBODIA (15 days / 14 nights) From the bustling and chaotic city capitals of Hanoi and Phnom Phen to calm, idyllic islands with sugar white sand and brilliant blue waters to markets that will make all of your senses come alive! No trip to Cambodia and Vietnam would be complete without exploring the ancient city of Angkor that is slowly being devoured by the jungle or sailing through Halong Bay for an overnight cruise on a traditional ‘junk’ boat. November 16 - 30, 2019

Epic Machu Picchu! A bucket list adventure to fill your soul!! Low Cost too!!!

All around this will be an epic adventure! Of course Machu Picchu is the jewel of Peru's crown, but on the way you will find the hidden gems of Cusco and Agua Calientes. July and August are the prime and best months to visit. It's winter time there, which means is the dry season and therefore the best time of year to travel. So that is when we are going and in this case the journey is definitely the adventure! DAY 1, AUG 03 Arrive Lima, Peru and transfer to a domestic flight to Cusco. Upon arrival in Cusco you will be met and a shuttle will take you to your hotel. Balance of the day to rest and get used to the high altitude. DAY 2, AUG 04 Included Breakfast Morning tour of Cuzco, considered the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Western Hemisphere, rising 11,400 feet above sea level. The tour includes visit to the Sun Temple which is now known as Santo Domingo Church, Saqsaywaman,Q’enqo, San Pedro, San Blas and the Twelve Angles stone. DAY 3, AUG 05 Included Breakfast You will be brought from your hotel to the Ollanta Train Station and board the Expedition Train to Aguas Calientes, where you will meet your private local guide and board the bus to go up to Machu Picchu. Here you will have a chance to observe the advance world of the Inkas and walk thru the Lost City. Temples, palaces, houses were built on the side of the mountain with impressive views of the Urubamba river and the green high Andean mountains!! Late afternoon return back to Aguas Calientes and overnight. DAY 4, AUG 06 Included Breakfast Day at leisure to explore Machu Picchu on your own. You can go back to the Lost City and visit this magnificent archeological site at your own pace or do some trekking...or stay in Aguas Calientes and visit the local market or the thermal baths. Afternoon return by train to Cusco, where you will be met and transfered to your hotel. DAY 5, AUG 07 Included Breakfast Leisure day in Cusco. The city is like an open museum, wherever you go you will find ancient Inka streets, palaces, colonial mansions from the Spaniards conquistadores or just take advantage of great bargains such as sweaters, ponchos, alpaca rugs, gold and silver jewelry....plenty of things to do and see.... DAY 6, AUG 08 Included Breakfast After breakfast you will be brought from hotel to Cusco airport for flight to Lima. From here, you can take a flight back home, or take advantage of our OPTIONAL 2-NIGHT EXTENSION TO LIMA** Total cost $1995 per person, double occupancy. We offer share matching. Single supplement- $375 INCLUDES: Airfare Lima-Cusco-Lima Hotel accommodations for 5 nights Sightseeing tour of Cusco with English speaking tour guide Tour and entry to Machu Picchu with private English speaking guide Trip Train tickets from Cusco to Machu Picchu and back Transfers to/from airport, hotels and train station Entrance fees 5 breakfasts and 1 lunch Tips to porters at airports and ports (not at hotels) 24/7 assistance of our local representatives. NOT INCLUDED Lima Extension (see price below)** International airfare Insurance Tips to guides, bus drivers, hotel porters Any other service not specifically mentioned in itinerary. Easy Itinerary Version: Day 0 Fri Aug 2nd depart LOS ANGELES Day 1 Sat Aug 3rd LIMA-CUSCO Day 2 Sun Aug 4th CUSCO-URUBAMBA VALLEY Day 3 Mon Aug 5th URUBAMBA VALLEY-MACHU PICCHU Day 4 Tues Aug 6th MACHU PICCHU-CUSCO Day 5 Wed Aug 7th CUSCO Day 6 Thur Aug 8th CUSCO-LIMA This exclusive and curated guided trip is limited to 12 lucky folks. 4 spaces already filled. Deposit of $500 is the only way to hold your space Deposit refundable up to 4 months before departure Balance of $1495 due 3 months before departure OPTIONAL LIMA EXTENSION incl 2 nights, roundtrip airport transfers, 2 breakfasts and a city sighseeing tour. Be amazed by Peru's capital - Lima, one of the most interesting and challenging cities in South America with a huge archaeological, historical and cultural past COST $221 per person, double occupancy; $332 single

Join us on facebook: Utah Cliff Jumping. Next Event: Aug 16th

CLIFF JUMPING at Causey Reservoir East Ogden on Sat. Aug 16th 9AM- 3PM. It's a beautiful site where we can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, rafting, hiking and maybe fishing. Please bring your on life-jacket, shoes and food. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS. We are meeting in front of Jackson Elementary School 200 N 700 W to carpool. (1.25hrs driving). Call or text me[masked] (Douglas) Join me on Facebook: Utah Cliff Jumping.

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