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We're looking for intelligent, creative and fun people to join our community of Neighborhood Atheists and Agnostics. Building a fun-loving, supportive community is the main purpose of this group, not discussion of atheist philosophy. This group will provide the benefits available to like-minded communities without the downsides, such as religious beliefs. We welcome atheists, agnostics, humanists, brights and other secular humans.

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The Killer Bias with Dr. Shawn Carlson

Joyce Beers Community Center

The Killer Bias: How Confirmation Bias Makes Us, Breaks Us, and Takes Us to the Edge of Extinction (And What You Can Do About It.) No one prides themselves on being close minded – yet all of us are. Indeed, the tendency to eschew ideas that challenge our core beliefs is quite literally built into our DNA. In ancient times this trait promoted tribalism – a shared sense of identity within an isolated group of people – which served to foster cooperation within these tribes. Communities that worked together tended to out-compete those that didn’t, and this fact propagated confirmation bias down through the generations. Back then, the Truth of the world didn’t matter as much as beating out the competition for limited resources. But all of that has changed. Modern science and technology have created a new world; one in which the Truth matters very much. In this talk, we'll trace the evolutionary origins of confirmation bias and explore its potentially catastrophic consequences in modern times. We'll also examine ways to identify the bias in ourselves, and how to manage its effects on our beliefs and decisions. Finally, we’ll talk about how people who understand confirmation bias can help make the world a bit more rational for the benefit of us all. About the Speaker: Shawn Carlson is a physicist, a nationally known science writer and skeptic, and an award-winning educator who works to inspire people of all ages to take part in scientific adventures of all kinds. He is the author of five books, founder of the LabRats Science Education Program, a former columnist for Scientific American magazine, and a MacArthur Fellow. The suggested donation for lecture attendance is $5. Your tax-deductible donations help support the San Diego Skeptic Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to critical and scientific thinking. If you're a frequent attendee, see the welcome desk for joining the membership. About SD Skeptics:The San Diego Skeptic Society (formerly SDARI) is a community resource that hosts lectures on various topics (science, history, etc) and sponsors prizes in the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair every spring. Lectures start promptly at 7pm. You are welcome to join us for a social hour prior to the event at 6pm. If this is your first event, please come early and introduce yourself! Please note: The entrance to Joyce Beers Community Center is between two restaurants, Aladdin’s and Panera Bread. The address 3900 Vermont Street should be the most accurate for GPS directions. There is free parking available in the underground lot across the street (behind and under Ralphs / Trader Joes). Parking in the above ground lot is limited to 2 hours and cars have been ticketed / towed for infractions.

Little Italy for Dinner, Coffee, and Dessert

Farmer's Table Little Italy

I read about this new restaurant and it sounded too good to pass up. C'mon with me to enjoy the early Spring night! Afterwards, we can stroll up the street to a cafe for coffee and dessert. Leave the car behind - it's Little Italy, and the trolley runs nearby.

May Day Dinner, Featuring Tacos!

Lola 55

The menu includes beet soyrizo, rainbow cauliflower, carnitas, squash blossom relleno, and baby carrot adobada, among other offerings... Just take a peak at the menu (https://lola55.com/menu/)! Recommended by a friend, I'm really looking forward to this culinary adventure. Regardless of dietary restrictions, if you're tempted by Mexican, please join me!

Backgammon and Beer
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

For anyone who plays backgammon, is interested in learning or honing your skills, this is the group for you! I plan on having meetups at local craft breweries for beer lovers or at coffee shops for those who prefer non-alcoholic atmosphere. I've been playing backgammon for years. I'm pretty good at the game and enjoy teaching the game to beginners and amateurs as well as learning from the pros. I'm starting this new group formed from the San Diego Backgammon Meetup group that is expiring and in need of a new organizer. This group is not necessarily an exclusively atheist/agnostic meetup. Anyone is welcome to join. The intent is just to have a fun time learning and playing backgammon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backgammon Backgammon is one of the oldest board games known. It is a two player game where playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice, and a player wins by removing all of their pieces from the board before their opponent. Backgammon involves a combination of strategy and luck.

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