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We're looking for intelligent, creative and fun people to join our community of Neighborhood Atheists and Agnostics. Building a fun-loving, supportive community is the main purpose of this group, not discussion of atheist philosophy. This group will provide the benefits available to like-minded communities without the downsides, such as religious beliefs. We welcome atheists, agnostics, humanists, brights and other secular humans.

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Calling All Fools!

Happy Sushi

I know it's not April 1st, but restaurants tend to take Mondays off. Besides, I will still be catching up after putting Kat on the train back to Santa Barbara in the morning... At any rate, I want to welcome you to April! Since it's Spring, we're going out for sushi at a place in my neighbourhood that is good and (relatively) inexpensive (as opposed to the last one, where it was expensive and waay too noisy). I've brought our group to Happy's Sushi before for dinner, and have had lunch here, as well. I like it. If people are up to it, we can either hoof it or motor over to Mira Mesa Marketplace (a couple blocks east, toward the freeway) afterward for coffee and ice cream (Starbucks and Cold Stone Creamery). There's good outdoor seating there, and, if it's a good night, it's pleasant to sit out. Please keep your RSVP up to date. Thank you. See you there!

May Day Dinner, Featuring Tacos!

Lola 55

The menu includes beet soyrizo, rainbow cauliflower, carnitas, squash blossom relleno, and baby carrot adobada, among other offerings... Just take a peak at the menu (https://lola55.com/menu/)! Recommended by a friend, I'm really looking forward to this culinary adventure. Regardless of dietary restrictions, if you're tempted by Mexican, please join me!

June. Father's Day: Not Quite. Let's Eat!

True Food Kitchen

Summer is just around the corner. We can celebrate the longer days with good company, experiencing wonderful culinary creations. Let's do that. I've ne'er been to any locations, but I'd first heard about the True Food Kitchen at Fashion Valley. Now there's one at UTC, which is great because it's a shorter commute for me. This farm-to-table restaurant has been expanding, and I hope that's a good thing. Their menu is seasonal, so I can't link to it yet, but you can find it on their website. https://www.truefoodkitchen.com/sandiegoutc UTC is on the routes of these buses: The Super Loop (mostly UCSD students), the 150 (express on the 5) and 30 (local through PB) from Downtown, the 31, 237, and 921 from Mira Mesa, the 60 from the Euclid Transit Station (via Kearny Mesa), and the 105 from Clairemont. With validation, parking is free; just remember to bring your parking ticket with you so you can scan it for free parking. The technology used is pretty cool. We can discuss it, if you like, along with all the wondrous conveniences offered by modernity. If anyone feels an uncontrollable urge, we could *possibly* discuss the philosophy of atheism, or the politics of the current crop of young politicians, including the charismatic, thoughtful mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Peter Buttigieg, who is competing to be the Democratic presidential candidate, and the youngest member of the House of Representatives, known by her initials, AOC: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who represents the *best* of New York, as opposed to the current Butthead-in-Chief (as opposed to the Junior Shrub from Texas or Father Shrub, from Maine), otherwise known as The Rump. It's fun to watch AOC driving (male) Repugnican Representatives mad, because not only is she the age of most of their children, but, unlike their children, she's intelligent, articulate, and utterly radical (in the best way). Most of the old lechers are looking at her with wonderment, lust, and confusion, because she's never going to sleep (or otherwise share a bed) with *any* of them, and they know it. Or we can leave politics behind and talk about any summer plans anyone has. Myself, I plan to (hopefully, finally) find suitable employment... As always, I appreciate folks keeping their RSVPs up to date. I'll meet up with other adventurous eaters there!

Backgammon and Beer
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

For anyone who plays backgammon, is interested in learning or honing your skills, this is the group for you! I plan on having meetups at local craft breweries for beer lovers or at coffee shops for those who prefer non-alcoholic atmosphere. I've been playing backgammon for years. I'm pretty good at the game and enjoy teaching the game to beginners and amateurs as well as learning from the pros. I'm starting this new group formed from the San Diego Backgammon Meetup group that is expiring and in need of a new organizer. This group is not necessarily an exclusively atheist/agnostic meetup. Anyone is welcome to join. The intent is just to have a fun time learning and playing backgammon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backgammon Backgammon is one of the oldest board games known. It is a two player game where playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice, and a player wins by removing all of their pieces from the board before their opponent. Backgammon involves a combination of strategy and luck.

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