Past Meetup

Dinner/Drinks and Discussion After the Event


Following the live panel discussion ("Interfaith Discussion... with ATHEISTS?") in Balboa Park, members of the panel will be having dinner and drinks for fellowship and to discuss the event. Everyone is invited, whether you plan to attend the panel event or not. The event in Balboa Park ends at 3:30 and we will immediately head over to the Barra Barra restaurant ( in Old Town. They have the back room reserved for us under the name, "Humanist Fellowship of San Diego". Please join us to share your thoughts and discuss the topics and responses given at the event - or just for friendship and camaraderie.

IMPORTANT: As we will be many people in the restaurant at once, the servers will be splitting checks by table (not individual checks). Therefore, we kindly ask that you please try and remember to have some cash on you to make it easier for you and those around you to pay for any food or drinks you may enjoy.