Past Meetup

Taco Tuesday! Cloudy with a chance of Tacos (Ray Grill)


Who doesn't love Tacos?!? Let's explore the city and get some great tacos and margaritas. Going to try doing this regularly, exploring different taco places around the city.

THIS WEEK: We're going to go to Mission Valley this week. The Rayo Grill is in Mission Valley and is located inside the Holiday Inn. $2 Grilled Tacos: Carne Asada, Carnitas, Chicken, Blackened Fish or Grilled Vegetable. I'm going to see if they can offer us a drink special, but I have to call in. They're supposed to be a pretty tasty offering.

New members are welcome, and this can be a great opportunity to meet folks in the community, late members are also welcome!

Just to make it fun, new members who are scheduled to come to the event, take pics, then friend me and share the pics, will get a drink on me to the next taco tuesday event they come to! Oddly enough, no one has taken me up on this offer. Who will be the first to get a drink on me?

Also, if you like the idea but not the location, I'm going to be moving these around each time I do this, and if you have an idea where you'd like to see one of these show up, let me know!

Always looking for some new places, so if you'd love to suggest ideas for Taco Tuesday, let me know!