Past Meetup

Election Return Get-together (number two)

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Millions of Americans will soon cast their ballots to decide who will guide our country through the next four years. It could be a nightmare, a dream come true, or (probably) something in between. Whatever the outcome, there's no better way to spend the evening than with food and drink, in the company of friends! Come join us at Pedro's as we watch the polls come in.

The East Coast polls will close at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time, so feel free to come over any time after then. We may know who the president is by 6:00, when the Midwest votes, but close elections may not be decided until late at night. This will also be cross-posted with other meetup groups.

This will be a potluck, so bring a little something to share!

P.S. Vote early, and vote often!!

(We'll email the address to 'yes' RSVPs)