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What we’re about

This group is for those who espouse a selective, pick-and-choosy approach to technology, as opposed to blindly accepting every latest fad which Big Tech throws at us. The following discussion topics are especially welcome here, although this list is not exclusive:

  • UNIX and Linux
  • All flavors of free, libre and open source software
  • Small-tech (opposite of Big Tech) and indie/hobbyist computer, telecom and other electronic hardware designs
  • Command-line, text-based computing environments
  • Lifestyles that center around larger computers (desktops, full-size laptops and even bigger workstations and minicomputers) instead of smartphones and tablets
  • Traditional telephony technologies, such as land line phones and non-smart cellphones, in opposition to smartphones

In this group we commit to always having physical in-person meetings - not online - and our current goal is to meet monthly, on a schedule that remains to be worked out.