What we're about

This group is for those who espouse a selective, pick-and-choosy approach to technology, as opposed to blindly accepting every latest fad which Big Tech throws at us. The following discussion topics are especially welcome here, although this list is not exclusive:

  • UNIX and Linux
  • All flavors of free, libre and open source software
  • Small-tech (opposite of Big Tech) and indie/hobbyist computer, telecom and other electronic hardware designs
  • Command-line, text-based computing environments
  • Lifestyles that center around larger computers (desktops, full-size laptops and even bigger workstations and minicomputers) instead of smartphones and tablets
  • Traditional telephony technologies, such as land line phones and non-smart cellphones, in opposition to smartphones

In this group we commit to always having physical in-person meetings - not online - and our current goal is to meet monthly, on a schedule that remains to be worked out.

Upcoming events (1)

SD FOSS & tech-selective monthly meeting

Needs a location

Let us meet and mingle, face to face, in person, every month. I am not scheduling a meetup for March because it's already middle of the month, but let's meet up in April - hopefully by scheduling this meetup more than a month out, I am giving everyone sufficient advance notice.

Location: I am leaving the choice of location open until April 7, two weeks before the actual meetup. If you would like to meet up at a particular place, please speak up - if anyone proposes a location before April 7, whichever location YOU request is where the meetup will be held! (If more than one person makes a location request, the first one wins.) Finally, if no one proposes a different location by April 7, then the meetup will be held at the Panera in 4S Ranch, near Rancho Bernardo - or at least I and my wife will be there on April 21 at the scheduled time.

Please do NOT ask for an online event - I have certain physical conditions (downstream complications from F64.0 condition, plus technology limitations) that make online meetings extremely difficult and uncomfortable, to the point where I ordinarily would not join one, let alone host. This group will only meet in person.

General notes from previous months:

Please feel free to bring your laptop (we'll have a power strip) and any traditional non-smart cellphones you would like to show off. However, there is no requirement to bring any tech at all: if you simply wish to mingle with us and possibly learn the ways of tech-selective, all you need to bring is your own beautiful self and an open mind.

Note to smartphone users: please be RESPECTFUL of those who choose to live a smartphone-free life. You are welcome to bring your smartphone if you have no other way to be reachable to people who may need to get a hold of you urgently (family, boss, babysitter etc), but what is NOT OK is rubbing it in our faces and behaving disrespectfully. If you use your smartphone too much, you will be asked to put it away out of sight and not pull it out unless you need to make or answer a phone call.

Also please note: absolutely NO picture-taking is allowed without asking for permission first! You are NOT allowed to take pictures of other group members without their express prior permission, nor are you allowed to take pictures of their tech or other belongings. If you would like to take a picture of some item, please ask that item's owner for permission first, BEFORE pulling out your smartphone or other camera device! If someone is sharing a picture with you, e.g., on their laptop or a printed photo, and you would like a copy of it, please RESPECTFULLY ask the person to email you a copy, instead of pulling out your device and snapping a picture of the picture!

Past events (4)

SD FOSS & tech-selective monthly meeting

Panera Bread