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What we’re about

Please have a clear photograph and name on your profile. Thank you! \

This group is for those who love everything Harry Potter. It's for those who were deeply moved by the endless possibilities and magic envisioned in Rowling's world.
We like Harry Potter...A LOT!! We think it's cool to have a scale replica of Hermione's wand, and to contemplate just what it would be like if you could store your memories indefinitely. We think there are other HP nerds out there, and we want to meet you!
We will meet and discuss favorite parts of HP books and movies, discuss characters in depth, share what our individual patronus might be, and try to bring a little bit of magic into our lives, as well as the Muggle Realm.
If you have any event suggestions, please let us know!


Our Policies:
1. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any magnitude. If you see or have any issues with any members, please let us know. We try our best, but we can miss things. We're here to create an environment for you to enjoy.

2. We are just a bunch of people meeting new friends, this is not a dating meetup. If you meet someone and hit it off, that's totally up to you.
3. We have a 3 strike absent policy. If you RSVP to 'capped events' (events with RSVP limit) and fail to show up to 3 such events, we may have to remove you from the group. We understand life gets in the way of fun, but a little communication is appreciated. Most such events allow you to change your RSVPs until about 2 hours before the event.

4. Please be respectful of your fellow witches/wizards. We come from various backgrounds and strive to make this a safe, fun and friendly place for all Harry Potter folks.