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If you would like to host/organize an awesome event, simple suggest it. Please make sure to answer all of the following questions to help members decide if they would like to RSVP: 1) What is the name of the event? 2) What is it about? 3) What's the date(s) of the event? 4) What time do you wan to start and end the event? 5) Where is the event happening? 6) Where exactly do you want everyone to meet? 7)How much does it cost? 8) If it cost a certain amount, do we pay ahead of time/pre-order? If so where and to whom? 9) Would you be hosting the event? If you host the event would you need help to prepare for the event? 10) Please provide a weblink if available for more information If you have any questions or would like to see a specific type of event, or if you would like to host events on a regular basis, please ask.

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Our community is great because of its members! We're professionals, possible single and looking to make new friends by meeting up to explore social events throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. If you want to help organize events, just suggest it and prepare to share new adventures with amazing friends!

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