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What we’re about

Looking for "like-minded people" that enjoy talking about a REALLY wide range of topics where the "Bloviating Factor" is minimal and the "Reasonableness Factor (with some witty banter)" is high?

If you think USA Today goes too in depth - this is probably not a group for you. 

If you cringe at Cards Against Humanity - this is probably not a group for you.

Wish there was a "Wait But Why Dinner Table" you could attend in person? Don't know what that is:

Please, please, PLEASE checkout that site if you'renotquite sure what our group is about.

And if you didn't just spend the last hour poking around on that site reading OTHER articles there... excited you just found a site like that... yeah, this probably isn't a group for you.

We'll do beer tastings, make our own pizzas, bocce ball, trail hikes and maybe even some Cards Against Humanity while sitting in a park. Who knows - as the "thing we do" isn't as important as doing it with others that enjoy the time together.

If you look at the site, you'll know this is NOT a religiously oriented group.  Philosophy yes, religion no. Though obviously we'll be happy to make an exception for Pastafarians!

Not really any "rules" but obviously we'd expect everyone that shows up to have an open mind and not "overly committed" to their opinions.  We're all there to SHARE ideas... ;)

Let's recreate the "Wait But Hi" on a regular and local basis!

BTW, the group has NO affiliation with the WaitButWhy site except the concept...  But the site really does kick some serious butt! ;)