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What we're about

YIASOU! Welcome to the San Antonio Greek Friends Meetup group. We are a friendly group that welcomes people from all walks of life who are either Greek or have an interest in Greek culture and language. Over time, the goal of this group is to build a Greek cultural network and community here in San Antonio.

Who should join:

• Open-minded people who would like to meet others with an interest in Greek culture, history or language
• Philhellenes ("admirers of Greeks and everything Greek")
• Native Greeks, Greek-Americans or even part-Greeks!


Events will be low-key opportunities to meet like-minded people, engage in discussions about Greece, and even speak Greek to those that are interested. We look forward to seeing you soon and sharing with you our love for the Greek culture and language.

Ideas and volunteers are always welcomed! Let's work together to build a strong Greek community in San Antonio. Anyone interested in volunteering to plan, organize, and brainstorm meeting events and activities for the year should feel free to contact me.

P.S. To ensure your joining request is accepted, please make sure you upload your name and photograph, together with a short introduction about yourself and what you are looking for from our group. Thank you.


Past events (9)

LUNCH at Demo's Greek Restaurant

Demo's Greek Food

Austin Greek Festival

Needs a location

Austin Greek Festival

Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church

February San Antonio Greek Friends Get Together

Kostas Greek Food

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