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What we’re about

Hello! This group is for those interested in the Carnivore diet. A non-judgmental group, we are here to share our experiences, unite, research, discuss, experiment or adopt this new (or not-so-new!) way of eating. This is similar yet different from the ketogenic diet, which limits carbs but is not zero-carbs. However, keto is often an ideal and terrific starting point!

We are all definitely here with a unique story on "how" we have arrived where we are... for some, it may be that you have been struggling with weight issues or want to "kick" your carb addictions to the curb. It may be that you wish to use this as an "elimination" diet - a temporary lifestyle change, so that you can then slowly begin to reintroduce other foods one by one back into your diet to be able to better gauge what might be your trigger foods (allergy sufferers, etc...) And for others (very commonly!) we ended up going down the "rabbit hole of research" only to stumble upon, discover, or hear about the Carnivore diet in order to try something else in hopes that we may finally find something for our (various) health conditions that we have been dealing with

Whatever specifically has brought you to this point in the road, we welcome you... This is a designed to be a non-judgmental place where we can finally meet other like-minded individuals, learn, share experiences, and grow together as a new "ancient" community! :-) This group already means so much to me. Truly looking forward to meeting all of you soon!!

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