• Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Buffet (San Diego)
    Don't miss out on the 8th year of this special Vegan Thanksgiving Feast featuring Southern Staples and Holiday Favorites! This feast includes bonus items, live music, and a take-home microwaveable container! The location is family (including dogs) friendly! As always, this will sell out and is advance sale Only! DETAILS: The Delicious Buffet Includes: -Fried Turky -Fried Chickun -GF Pulled Porq (GF) -BBQ 'Beef' -Stuffing -BBQ Beans (GF) - Mac N' Cheeze (GF) -Garlic Mashed Potatoes (GF) - Gravy (GF) - Baked Glazed Squash (GF) -Southern Yam (GF) -Cajun Corn (GF) -Collard Greens (GF) -Slaw (GF) -Condiments, Sauces, Rolls, Waffles, etc + Bonus Surprises! *Live Music All-You-Can-Eat + Take-Home Container (for Thursday?) Only $38! Single Trip through Buffet - $26 All-You-Can-Eat Also Includes: 1 Slice of Organic Pumpkin Cheezecake We will be serving at 5pm and at 7pm. Tickets will be limited to 25 All-You-Can-Eats and 10 One Time Trips at each time-slot so you will want to secure yours fast! The BBQ Chickun, Potatoes, Gravy, Squash, Mac N'Cheeze, Greens, Corn, Slaw, and Southern-Style Dressing will be Gluten-Free. No Refunds but Exchanges with Another Person is Welcome. BUY TICKETS HERE: https://sandiegoveganthanksgiving8.brownpapertickets.com

    Saint Archer Brewing Co.

    9550 Distribution Avenue · San Diego, CA