WordPress is 15! Let's show and tell!


Networking: first 15-30 minutes with introductions. Since we meet around dinnertime, and you all know what the traffic is like around here, we allow some time for people to show up.

By the whole group.

Presentation details:
Let's see...what happened in 2003? Lance Armstrong "won" his fifth Tour De France. Harley-Davidson turned 100. California elected the Governator. 50 million people over on the other coast had a bit of a blackout problem. But most importantly: Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little forked a blogging platform called b2/cafelog and created WordPress!

We're going to celebrate this anniversary with something a little different: a show and tell. Bring us something you're working on, or have launched, that you're proud of. Show off your creative chops, that really elegant tool you built a few years ago, or just take a few minutes to tell a good WordPress-related story. We'll make sure we have time for everyone to take the floor. We have 15th Anniversary swag to hand out too! (Okay, it's just some stickers, but they're free and kind of cool, so...)

If you haven't been to our Meetup for awhile, this is a good chance to network a little and maybe meet just the person you're looking for to partner on some projects. Join us this month, and let's have some fun!