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What we’re about

Dear fellow hikers or potential hikers,

We request that members be fully vaccinated. Masks are not required on hikes.

If you request to join, Please provide a photo that will help us identify you at events. -Thanks!

Any questions? Send me a message. Be well!
I love hiking in the fresh air of mountain and sea, and want to join with other women exploring hiking trails in Santa Cruz and neighboring counties. My goal is to get good exercise, enjoy good company, and experience the serenity and inspiration of the great outdoors.
Most of the hikes will be in the 3- to 7- mile range with a gain of 200 to 2000 feet. There are other organizers, however, who may do longer and/or more difficult hikes. If you're not ready to do the longer steeper hikes, try the easier ones! You are also welcome to come and do a portion of a hike, then return on your own. That's how I got started!
This group is for women of any age, who love hiking in beautiful natural spaces, or who would like to give it a try! It's also a relaxed and easy way to make new friends :)
I will do my best to describe the level of difficulty of each hike, so you can decide if the hike is right for you. I'll use the descriptions below to indicate how much uphill there is. In addition to the uphill, please take into consideration how long the hike is. A hike may be described as moderately easy, but if it's 6 or 7 miles long, that distance may be too much for you at this time.
Moderately easy = Up and down, but total elevation gain of less than 400 feet.
Moderate = Total gain 400 to 800 feet. Lots of up and down. Can be steep stretches, but no really long steep uphill stretches.
Moderately difficult = Total gain greater than 800 feet. May be some really steep sections and/or very long stretches of uphill.