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3 Days of Tantra - Winter of 2019 - Feel the Heat
"If I'd known what would happen to and for me, I'd have come to one of Judith's 3 Days a lot sooner." P. R. Las Cruces, NM " I came into 3 Days of Tantra Autumn of 2018 with a load of complex issues and a huge headache. I left with no issues, clear eyed, energized, sure of myself and the actions I wanted to take, and, with a new depth of understanding Tantra." R. M. Salida, CO "I feel blessed to have been inspired by all .. I am excited to know the depths of such profound beautiful teachings. This was my 1st tantra experience with my seventy fours of grace. " AG - Santa Fe, NM / Mexico " I could have brought my wife to 3 Days ofTantra Autumn of 2018, wish I had." F.B. Santa Monica,CA "So really it happens that the more sexual a person is, the more inventive he can be. The more sexual a person is, the more intelligent. With less sex energy, less intelligence exists; with more sexual energy, more intelligence, because sex is a deep search to uncover, not only bodies, not only the opposite sex body, but everything that is hidden." Osho, The Ultimate Alchemy, Vol. 2, Talk #2 There is no nudity in this workshop and you do not need a partner to attend. Couples AND SINGLES! 18 to 80 welcome. Light up your Life. Expand your capacity for pleasure, your courage to follow your bliss and have more love and freedom in your life. Manifesting more joy. abundance and well being in 2019 Become more present, radiant and aware in all of your life not only its sexual aspect. Learn or Deepen your Full-Body Orgasm Mastery Experience the Power of the Senses in a Joyful Tantric Ritual Develop your Interpersonal Relationship Communication Skills Come to really know your Sexual Fears, Desires, and Boundaries Engage in Tantric Community Make Tantric Friends Laugh a Lot Connect with your Heart's Desires Gain membership in Private 3 Days of Tantra Facebook Group Facilitated by: Judith Anne Condon, founder of Journeys to Tantric Bliss ( is dedicated to educating modern minds on the ancient secrets of Tantra. Tantra. It’s a path of meditation…what sets it apart from other ‘paths’ is that it looks to the wisdom of the body and the senses as a means to becoming more present and alive in every aspect of our life. Judith teaches, trains and practices within the lineage of Margot Anand – Sky Dancing Tantra and OSHO. Agenda Friday, 01/25 7 - 10 – Introduction & Evening of Tantric Practices Saturday 01/26 10 am - 1 pm – Morning of Tantric Practices 1 pm - 2 pm – Bring your Lunch, stay in or share in the experience of any one of North Boulder’s eateries with your new found Tantric friends 2pm - 5pm – Afternoon of Tantric Practice 5 pm to 7 pm – Bring your Dinner, stay in or share in the experience of any one of North Boulder’s closeby eateries with your new friends 7 pm - 10 pm – Evening of Tantric Practice & Ecstatic Dance. Ecstatic Dance events are differentiated by being a talk free space. Sunday 01/27 10 am - 2 pm Satsang The meaning of satsang is ‘company of the Absolute Truth’ where ‘Sat’ means the Absolute Truth i.e. God and ‘sang’ refers to the company of seekers or saints experiencing the presence of God. Late Morning Closing Tantric Practice Farewells – 3 Days Group Brunch at walking distance Tibetan Bistro Bring: Water Bottle, Fresh Clothes to change into. Saturday Lunch/Dinner and/or Saturday Lunch/Dinner $$$ Sunday Brunch $$$ Times shown are approx & may vary Drug & alcohol-free Ample time for integrating all tantric practice, for solitude and/or for socializing with tantric companions $297. Singles - You don't need a partner to participate! Trust me on this. $497 Couples - Welcome! RSVP - Suggested Read. The Art of Sexual Ecstasy Coming from out of town or abroad? Lodging:

Osho Leela Center

1025 Rosewood, #107 · Boulder, CO