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Eclectic personalities (55 or older) that enjoy sauntering, exploring, walking in Nature and the outdoors of Western North Carolina (WNC) and Upstate South Carolina with social interactions are welcome!

We are not a "hiking" group, nor are we "fitness" paced, as the pace will be much slower, distances and difficulty ratings are reduced, thus...we saunter. We will occasionally take harder trails, but again, at a much slower pace than "hiking". We saunter as a group at the pace set by the Event Organizer. If you have to be on a faster pace, please join another group.

You are invited to join us, but please read this full disclosure before joining..... and yes, this is longer than 140 characters long!

On my saunters, a soft voice with occasional conversation, observing eyes seeking the beauty around us and a tolerance for a sauntering pace works best for the total enjoyment of the experience of nature for all hikers.

We leave the heavy discussions about politics, religion and latest negative news at home once we hit the trail!

Requirement: Please be 55 or older and a resident of NC.

Dogs: Even though many of us are dog owners and dog friendly.......No dogs on our hikes.

A Meetup group's number of members mean nothing IF they are not active and participating members, so we are NOT seeking "joiners" or passive members!

If you join but do not participate at least once in 5 months (unless you have a medical reason....and give me a head's up), you will be removed. We're not about the "occasional drop in", favoritism, or select cliques. Lack of participation would defeat the purpose of the group forming bonds and friendships.

Event Fee: Most events will have an Event Fee of $5 cash per person paid at the beginning of the event. The distribution of the fee of each attendee will be $2 donated to one of our local conservation groups that acquire and maintain our trails such as Conserving Carolina, Carolina Mountain Club or The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. $1 will be put in a lottery/drawing at the end of the event/saunter to be awarded to the lucky winner. $2 will contribute to the costs of the group expenses. Thank you for your continued interest and support.
The Event Fee is not about money, but rather a method to determine value of and commitment to our events. Every 3 months I will report to the membership how the funds were distributed and to whom.

We typically meet at the trailhead or caravan/carpool to the trailhead and then saunter for a few hours, probably having snacks or lunch break on the trail at 1/2 point.

Please be considerate - NO SHOWs and LATE CANCELLATIONs are unfair to those that might be on the waitlist. Unsafe acts, persistent negativity or personal attacks by a member will lead to removal from Asheville Mountain Trails Sauntering.

For safety and hiking emergencies: Please use a face-only photo, of just you, in your Profile. And please provide your name and, at least, a last name initial on basic profile, but if for some reason you don't want to disclose your full last name on your "Profile" page, if you do not give correct and complete info on question #2 you will be removed (or request to join denied) until you provide full name identity. Safety/security first!

As the Organizer, I am a volunteer, not a professional. I share my time and resources to help other members find and enjoy our great trails. As the Organizer, I am happy to answer questions as I am able, but please don't expect too much pampering or "hand-holding". Also, I am not a Meetup tech advisor.

This is purely a voluntary organized group, and it is supported by me and the Event Fee, with no one member, other than me, being asked to participate financially in larger amounts. Meetup charges Organizers approximately $200 per year which is offset by the Event Fee.

DISCLAIMER: All leaders and organizers of this group are not professional guides and do this solely for their own enjoyment. By being a member of this group and choosing to attend an event, you hereby agree to assume all risks and liability related to or resulting from any and all group functions. You agree that neither you nor any third party will hold any of the group's leaders, organizers, representatives or landowners liable for any injury, loss, or damage to your own person or any members of your family, friends, acquaintances, children, pets, or property, arising directly or as a consequence from a group activity. By choosing to attend, you agree with the preceding disclaimer. 
Additional Safety Disclaimer: You agree with your "Attend" choice, that you assume full responsibility for your personal attendance experience, safety and health, and agree to hold harmless the Organizer, Event Host or other attendees or landowners for any injury or illness that may result during or coming or going to any event. You also confirm and affirm that you have no knowledge of any illness that may be passed on to other attendees when you arrive at the event. If you are not able to comply with or agree to this legal disclaimer, please change your RSVP to Not Going or do not sign up to begin with. Thank you for your interest and support, and your acknowledgement that safety is your personal responsibility which you hereby assume.

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