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Savannah Pick-Up Soccer is a group of footballers from around the Savannah area who play at an intermediate to advanced level. We understand that everyone wants to play, but we try to keep the group limited to those who are polishing skills, not learning them. In that light, we kindly ask that beginners and casual players look for another group to build their skill sets. Everyone who comes on our pitch should be willing to put in the work in support of your team each week.

We are just starting up, but already locking in field use agreements with the City of Savannah. So right now, we're just looking to build up the member base and get ready for our first meetup.


Our games are 8v8 no keepers.
We play 2 hours each session.
We take a halftime break and switch opponents based on who won or lost.
No sliding, but all other legal challenging is allowed.
We kick-in from the side and we do have corners.
Aside from the above, standard FIFA soccer rules apply.


RSVP's for games open 3 day before at 11am. This makes sure new members have a fair chance to get into the games.

We will start promptly; no later than 10 minutes after the start time. If you show up after that, your spot will be filled and your RSVP will be voided. There is no exception to this. Please be on time or we will give the spot to someone who is on time.

Please be mindful of the RSVP system. If you are on the waitlist or are not RSVP'd, please don't come out or message an organizer for your chances. Conversely, if you can no longer make it, please update your RSVP so our wait listed comrades can automatically take your place. We always plan accordingly to how many members RSVP and it ruins this for everyone if we don't allow for a system that controls the size of games. If we find that you continuously abuse the rsvp system we will take appropriate action.

There is no slide tackling, grabbing of clothing/other players, picking, or dangerous play. If it is illegal in regular soccer, it is here as well. Remember that when defending, the object is to get the ball, not the man. So, please keep your arms down, watch your high kicks and stay on your feet. Other than that, feel free to play as hard as you'd like. Violation of this rule will be noted and if the problem reoccurs you will be asked to leave and booted from the Meetup. *We all have day jobs, no one can afford an injury.*

We kick in from the sides instead of throw in. We do have corner kicks. We do not have offsides as the games are self referred, but cherry-picking is frowned upon. Otherwise we play by FIFA Rules.

Respect the equipment. We do everything we can to provide the best goals, pennies, balls, fields and other equipment possible. All we ask in return is that you obey the rules, respect the equipment and do not break anything if it can be helped. If you charge into the goal and break it, we will hold you liable for its repair or replacement. The same goes for any other equipment. If you kick a wild ball way out of bounds, it is your responsibility to chase and find it. We understand that accidents happen, but please be mindful of this. Also, please clean up your stuff and leave the fields the way we find them.

We want an atmosphere of fun, friendly competition. We want to make friends and build community, so, it's ok to tell jokes and have a good time, but we're truly out here because we love and want to play soccer. Coaching needs to be in check, some people don't respond well to it. So try to keep your frustrations low and be constructive. If you cause problems for the group with a negative attitude or start fights (verbally or physically) you will be asked to leave.

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