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What we’re about

SaVvy Savers Unite!

Most of us strive to live stress free, happy lives. Unfortunately busy
schedules, hectic lifestyles and money problems can put a damper on
our ability to do this. Concerns related to limited time and money to
do the things we enjoy , like spending quality time with family and
friends, can be a source of stress. It's no secret that stress is a
huge contributor to major health problems. So it goes without saying
that improving time and money management are positive steps toward
leading less stressful, more enjoyable lives.
As a person living with a chronic illness., I understand first hand
the negative impact and the importance of reducing stress in relation
to health. So, I'm always on the lookout for ways to streamline
expenses and tasks.
The purpose of this group is to bring together a community of like minded people who want to share savvy time and money management tips in an effort to make our lives run smoother!
Activities may involve sharing knowledge of and putting tips, tricks and hacks into practice, such as taking advantage of specials and discounts (e.g locating and dining out together using a groupon or other discount, locating and attending free/reduced fare movies and other local entertainment(e.g. free community events), DIY/repurposing projects, free/reduced fee life skills workshops/classes (couponing, deal finding), simple meal/snack preparation, coupon swapping, and more.