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Have you ever noticed being lost in your thoughts, caught up in the drama of your mind and you identified yourself with the voice in your head? Wouldn't it be great to get out of your head and back into the moment where life really happens? Would you like to transform your relationships at work or at home with your children, partner and friends and have magical relationships that are intimate and authentic? Would you like to become more self aware, self expressive and live a life full of excellence?

If you like to transform your life without working hard on yourself, then you're in the right place!

Together with Ariel & Shya Kane we discover what it takes to simply get into the moment of now and discover "Being Here".

Being part of an international community that is passionate about the Kanes work we (Alex, Menna & Artur) have created this group to share "Instantaneous Transformation" with like minded people and inspire more people in the UK to be present in their life and be fully self expressive as a result of that.

You can find out more about Ariel & Shya's work "Instantaneous Transformation" at (

Inspired by our own transformation and many others who work with Ariel and Shya Kane, through our monthly meet ups we want people to know there is something available to everyone who is seeking a more satisfying life. This meet up group is an introduction to the Kanes' work and may inspire you to try their excellent seminars in Cambridge, monthly telephone seminars in London, workshops in Hamburg and New York or join us for their yearly retreats in Costa Rica.

Ariel & Shya Kane base their work on 3 principles:

1. Anything you resist, persists grows stronger and dominates your life.

This means any situation in your life that you wish to be different, don't like or want to change, will dominate you if you keep resisting it.

2. No two things can occupy the same space at the same time.

This means in any given situation you can only be exactly the way you are. I really like it when Ariel & Shya use the example of a camera and the shutter closes and makes a picture of you! Then when you look at the picture, you notice that you have closed your eyes or looked away and you wish you could have looked differently in that moment. In reality, you can only have looked excactly the way you looked in that moment.

A lot of people wish their life should be different than what it is without realising that this is it! Life can not be any different to what it is in each moment! You can't have a boyfriend when you don't have a boyfriend or you can't be at home relaxing when you're at work.

3. Anything you allow exactly the way it is, without adding any positive or negative energy to it, will resolve itself and loses its power over you.

This means if you just see a situation or a behaviour for what it is without adding any judgement for or against it, the situation or behaviour will lose its power over you and will no longer dominate you and situations will complete itself.

Ariel & Shya Kane have discovered that all it takes to get into the current moment of now is "listening"! If you really listen to another person from their point of view, dropping what you have to say and listen to them as if what they're saying is the single most important thing in that moment, then your relationships can transform from moment to moment because you're present in your life.

Life really only happens "in the moment" when you're present and there for the opportunities that life throws at you, not in the past and not in the future! The future is only another moment of "Now"

If you're not sure if this group is for you or you like to find out more about the work of Ariel & Shya Kane, you can get a taster by listening to their weekly radio shows that are free to download at , by reading their books "Working on yourself doesn't work", "How to create a magical relationship" and "Being Here" (you can also get them cheaper on Amazon).

Anyone living in the UK who is interested in living a life full of excellence and self expression is welcome to join our meet ups where we share our transformational stories and introduce you to the work of Ariel & Shya Kane and invite you to come along to their seminars.

If you like to be able to get out of your head and into the moment, than this is the right meet up group for you!

"Wisdom is the skillful manipulation of information so that the outcome is well-being!" - Shya Kane

We're looking forward to meeting you soon!

Menna, Artur & Alex

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