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TDCD: Test Driven Component Development
I run into lots of developers who don't test their React components. As a convert to Test Driven Development (TDD) it's hard for me these days to wrap my head around not testing components. Sometimes, developers have enough confidence in their ability to justify not writing tests. Other times, higher level tests may cover components. Still other times, there's simply a lack of understanding about how to test components, and/or how to separate behavioral and presentational concerns while testing them. TDD can help. In this talk I'll walk through a technique I call Test Driven Component Development, or TDCD. The basic idea is to design and build a complete component tree focused entirely on verifiable data, behavior, and logic, agnostic of presentational concerns. Only once the tree is built, and its behavior verified via TDD, do you then free yourself to focus on presentational concerns - refactoring those while your tests remain green. In this way you can build an entire web application, and verify that it works, without ever running it in a browser. It may - and probably will - look like crap, but it'll work!

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