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What we’re about

South Bay Screenwriters – Important update: The organizer of this group will step down in November, 2022. Please contact Pamela if you are interested in taking over.

The purpose of this group is to support writers in learning, practicing, and fine tuning the craft of screenwriting.  We provide a safe environment for screenwriters to solicit and provide constructive feedback, share ideas, and hear their written words read aloud by their created “characters” and “narrators”.  This group is aimed to support the development of professional screenwriters, so please be respectful and supportive of others’ goals and ideas. 
If you wish to submit pages to have read during the meetup, you must RSVP on and comment that you will be submitting pages to reserve your spot.  Pages will be read during the Meetup, in the order their authors RSVP’d on  New Members are eligible to sign up for pages after attending one meeting and observing. 
New Members, please provide either Pamela (the organizer) or Margina (the co-organizer) your email address so they can share the Google Drive folder with you. 
Each member who is having their pages read should deposit their ~10 page original script into their Google Drive folder in PDF format. Writers cast readers out of the group attendees, including the narration. We find there is a benefit to hearing your work read aloud.  Readings are followed by open critique and should be geared toward helping writers improve their work.  Bring an open mind, be respectful of your peers, and together we’ll improve our craft. 
Each reading and feedback slot should not exceed 30 minutes max, including casting, reading, and feedback.  We encourage sharing of offline notes (outside of the Wednesday Meetups) via our Facebook group and/or by messaging Meetup members through the Meetup website/email.  Please leave your pages in your folder for at least a week after sharing them with the group to allow for “catch up” and/or offline review. 
Preference will be given to those contributors who;
·  Have script pages.
·  Have not shared within the past week.
·  Have attended at least one Meetup.
·  If there are slots available, writers may bring an outline, treatment, or simply brainstorm possible plot points with the group during their time slot.
The moderator reserves the right to make executive decisions as the need arises.
The structure of our Meetups: 
1.  We will continue meeting weekly, Wednesdays from 7-9:30 pm Pacific Time.
2.  We will start promptly at 7:10 pm with casting pages and readings.  Please make every effort to be on time, and have a short list of your characters ready. 
3.  We will not tolerate computer issues during the meetups in the interest of staying on schedule.  Please ensure that your computer works properly before you join the meetup to avoid untimely disruptions.
4.  We will plan for 4 reading spots per meetup, with 1-2 writers on standby.  Reserve your reading spot on the event by commenting “pages” ahead of time when you RSVP.  Backup/standby readers who don’t end up with a slot do NOT carry over from week to week. 
5.  Writers can have their pages read every other meetup you attend as a scheduled slot (with early RSVP and claim of said spot).  We will prioritize scripts over ideas, outlines or treatments.  Note you need to attend and support other writers without sharing at least once in between meetups where you claim slots/share pages. 
6.  We will continue our (optional) periodic writing challenges or writing prompts that are not only fun but help stimulate your imagination while improving your screenwriting skills.