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Small Business Success Group is dedicated to the success of small businesses in the GTA. We have designed a group where endless referrals, increase in revenue and decrease in cost whether it be operating cost or sustainability cost. We are dedicated to your success because in your success lies our success. Our slogan at SBSG is "We Complete The Circle" and we stand firm in our belief that gone are the days where a businesses could succeed alone; In today's day and age we all need to move forward together. Following is a brief description of our ideal members, what the group can do for you and what's in it for you.

Our ideal members:

We have not closed this group to any members of any industry. Our ideal members are those individuals who own a business or are from a profession where they can greatly benefit from referrals and cost reduction perks and techniques. If you're a network marketer, real estate agent, accountant, online marketing guru, retail business owners, dry cleaning business owner, sales professional, physiotherapist, message therapist, car dealership, mortgage agent, mechanic, auto detailer, social media marketer, website designer, copy righter, furniture manufacturer, lawyers, dentist, dental hygienist, cab driver, limo company, car rental company, restaurant owner, media producer, payment merchant, product developer, photographer, etc, you should be at all of our events because we will be bringing industry experts to maximize your business.

What's in it for you?

As we all have learned that dynamics of running and operating a business are changing and at a very fast speed. We will be making sure that all of our members benefit from our group meetings and get new business and reduce cost. We will be calling upon industry rockstars and industry giants to help us along the way. We will be negotiating with big conglomerates on behalf of the members to get customized options for the group members such as very affordable gym memberships or extremely affordable hotel rates and so on. Our mandate is to make sure our members succeed not only as a business but also as families, where they can easily afford the luxuries of life that they do not enjoy yet. We urge all the skeptics out there to come to our free event and see it for themselves whether we are true to our word.

What should you expect from us?

This question is a very broad question because as time progresses so will the evolution of this group. What you will expect from our initial meet up is the vision of this group and how we can make your business and your personal life a bit better than what it was before you joined. We will be allowing our members an opportunity to network with positively like minded people who will be dedicated to helping each other succeed because together "We Complete The Circle." The group meeting is designed so you will learn about the group and its initiative along with hear from other businesses that will help you grow your business and then you will have refreshments ON US and network with up to 500 businesses at the meeting.

We encourage our members to actively market their services to other members and exchange business cards with one another and talk to as many businesses as they possibly can. We are all for referrals and word of mouth advertising. Imagine 500 other businesses with the same goal as you, to maximize their business and yours because remember when a group member gives you a referral you will give them one too. We also encourage our members to spread the word because out of the thousands of businesses in the GTA we will only except a small portion of them in our group and once our preferred number has been reached the group will close to all others.

We do have an event coming up so read below and sign up on our preferred booking site and remember it's free to attend. Help us create a buzz for this event because we promise you that you have never been to an event like this

FREE BUSINESS NETWORKING EVENT....COME, CONNECT, ENJOY AND HAVE REFRESHMENTS ON US!!! A networking event like none other is about to come to Toronto ON June 19. This is something you've never experienced before. Sign up for more details. If you would like to increase your marketing network, refferals, market exposure as well as get great discounts on products you already use such as phone bills, gym memberships, cable and internet bills, car rental prices, etc, then you want to be at this event. Register at www.sbsg.eventbrite.ca (http://www.sbng.eventbrite.ca)

Speakers: Kane Minkus is an industry rockstar who has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses achieve success and will be helping you at this event.

Training Business Professionals is dedicated to providing successful insights through training businesses on how to succeed in today's day and age.

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