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Effective Unit Testing for Concurrency Libraries

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Time to freshen up on concurrency testing. The topic for this meeting is concurrent unit testing, since I found a paper about a GAMBIT tool, while reading about a CHESS tool.

Remember, we are a reading club. READ the paper! :-)

1. Get the paper from (there's a button which starts the DL)
2. Read the paper BEFORE you come (it's OK to struggle, but make an honest attempt). Paper is not that hard and it's only 10 pages long (it's a paper still, don't think I'll do page a minute, you most likely won't). Reading while tired is not the way to go.
3. Note down what you don't understand or where you struggle and have questions
4. During the meeting we discuss the paper
5. Afterwards we decide on a next topic, so come perhaps with some proposals?

Don't worry about not knowing people. We usually start with a round of introductions.
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Władysława Łokietka 43, 31118 · Kraków
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