Global Day of Coderetreat 2012

This is a past event

40 people went


A Coderetreat is a whole day long (9 hours!) exercise in Pair Programming and TDD. We start early - 8am, but rest assured that the experience is well worth getting up at the brink of dawn. After introductions, a cup of coffee, a bite to eat and an explanation of the problem we are going to solve (Game of Life), we will proceed with 3 programming sessions, each 45 minutes long and ending with a retrospective. Oh, and did we mention pair programming? You will be switching pairs after each session. Next we will have a nice, relaxing, catered lunch break (yay! free food!), followed by 3 more sessions and a final retrospective. And as if it is not enough, there is going to be an after-party with free beer (yay! free beer!).

You will get all of this free stuff thanks to our awesome and generous sponsors: ABB, Lumesse and Lunar Logic.

You can find out more about the coderetreat on our website (