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Scala Lightning Talks.

Talks will be capped at around 15 mins and we have the following line up:

Jaakko Pallari - Patterns for testing Akka Actors

As Akka is used more and more in large scale projects, boiler plate for testing can often build up. Lets see some patterns for how we can improve.

Sohum Banerjea - Hacking Gatling into a library

Gatling is a performance test framework written in Scala and provides a nice interface for creating perf tests against your application. Sohum will discuss how we can use gatling in a different way.

Matt Squire - Squants

Squants is a framework of data types and a domain specific language (DSL) for representing Quantities, their Units of Measure, and their Dimensional relationships.

Andrew Sim - Kleisli composition

We will explore some practical examples on how we can form a Kleisli category from a monad and uses Kleisli arrows to mirror ordinary function composition.