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The Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts (PHASE) is a user group for people in the Philadelphia, PA, area who are interested in the Scala (http://www.scala-lang.org/) programming language. If you're interested in Scala, programming on the Java VM, or functional programming in general, feel free to join us.

NOTE: This group is for Scala discussions only. Emails or posts that are not Scala-related may get you banned from the group.

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So, you want to be a speaker? (Panel discussion)

Needs a location

Have you ever thought about giving a talk? No? Here's why you should: • Becoming a speaker raises your profile. It's marketing, for your career. • Sharing your knowledge with others gives you the warm happies. • It's fun. (No, really. It is.) If you like the idea of being a speaker, but you’re nervous about the idea, don’t know how to start, or don’t think you could possibly have something to say that anyone would want to hear, come to the June 11 meetup, and let us convince you that you do have something to share and that we can (and will gladly) help you get started. We've assembled some veteran speakers, and we'll do a moderated round-table discussion. The panel consists of Martin Snyder, Gary Sieling, Michael Pilquist, and Brian Clapper, with Alex Ioffe (tentatively) moderating. We'll ask our panelists questions like: How did they get started? Why do they like speaking? How long did it take for the stage fright to go away? We'll cover these topics, and many more—plus your questions—with the goal of demonstrating that anyone can do this stuff. ——— This meetup will be in the suburbs.

Bill Venners: Topic TBD

Needs a location

Bill Venners, co-author of Programming in Scala (https://www.artima.com/shop/programming_in_scala_3ed) and author and maintainer of the highly popular ScalaTest (https://scalatest.org) testing framework, has tentatively agreed to join us remotely, from his Walnut Creek, CA, office. He hasn't settled on a topic yet, but whatever he chooses to discuss, you can be sure it'll be fascinating. We'll connect with Bill via Skype or Google Hangout and point our camera at the audience, so be prepared with questions. ——— This talk will be in the city.

An Evening of Lightning Talks

Needs a location

Join us for a night of 6 to 8 lightning talks. Lightning talks are 15-minute talks: perfect as a quick overview of a topic, and a GREAT way for a new speaker to give that first talk. We'll have anywhere from 6 to 8 15-minute talks in this meeting, and there's no theme. If you've done something cool, or you've played with something that might interest others, suggest a talk. Ideally, we'd like a mixture of intro-level and intermediate-level talks, but we'll take anything at all. And we'd love to see some new faces. If you have an idea for a 15-minute talk, send your idea to the organizers, at [masked]. A descriptive title is enough; we don't need an abstract. (But if you want to supply an abstract, that's cool, too.) ——— This meeting will be in the suburbs.

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