Escape From Hadoop: Spark Streaming, Cassandra, Scala & Akka

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Escape From Hadoop: Down The Big Data Rabbit Hole With Spark, Spark Streaming, Cassandra, Scala & Akka

Speaker: Helena Edelson

Abstract: In this code-heavy talk we will step into what Spark and Spark Streaming is. Then put it in the context of an event-driven Akka application for real-time delivery of meaning at high velocity. We will do this by showing how to easily integrate Spark and Spark Streaming over Cassandra with the Spark Cassandra Connector. All within a common use case: working with time-series data, which Cassandra is great at.

Bio: Helena has been working with Scala since 2010 in R&D as a Senior Cloud Engineer at VMware and CrowdStrike and has just joined DataStax as a Technical Evangelist. She is an Akka, Spark Cassandra Connector, Scala Cassandra Driver committer, soon to be Slick (adding Cassandra), & previous Spring Committer.

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