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An Introduction to Shapeless via Scodec, with Michael Pilquist

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Introduction to Shapeless via Scodec

The Shapeless library provides generic programming facilities to Scala developers. In this talk, we’ll look at HLists, Records, and general type level programming techniques. We’ll also see practical applications of these concepts in the scodec library.

Michael Pilquist is the chief software architect at Combined Conditional Access Development, LLC., a joint venture between Comcast and ARRIS Group Inc. At CCAD, he is responsible for the design and development of control systems that manage tens of millions of cable system devices, including settop boxes and headend equipment. Michael’s interests include functional programming, static type systems, concurrency, and the Scala programming language.

LeadiD will be hosting the meeting (see details, above) and will be providing the food. So please be sure to thank Joe Lynch and any other LeadiD people you can identify.

201 S. Maple Ave. Ste 150 · Ambler, PA