Introduction to Apache Spark using Frameless


This is the talk I recently gave at ScalaIO in Lyon, France and at Scale by the Bay in San Francisco. If you didn't make either conference, and you're interested in Spark or Frameless, you'll have a chance to see the talk locally.

The talk, which is mostly in notebooks, compares and contrasts the native Spark DataFrames and Datasets APIs with the Typelevel Frameless API. Frameless adds compile-time type-safety to Spark, via a TypedDataset class, without incurring the runtime overhead associated with the (also type-safe) native Datasets API.

The talk compares and contrasts all three, with lots of running code examples. If you don't know much about Spark, you'll learn a little bit from the talk. If you know Spark, but you know nothing about Frameless, you'll walk away with some exposure to that cool API.

Venue: Azavea
Food sponsor: Vistar Media

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