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Scala Meetup - September 2017

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42 people went

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- Intro + Plans (Oleg Rudenko)

1. Scala.js - Scala in your Browser (Matthias Braun)

- break - Raffle (2 Manning e-books || IntelliJ Ultimate Edition License)

2. Getting started with gRPC in Scala (Petra Bierleutgeb)

Lightning Talk: Running Play Applications on Docker (Daniel Pfeiffer)

- networking

About the authors:

- Petra is a freelance software engineer currently working in a project at Starbucks. She <3 Scala, FP and Linux.

- Matthias is a freelancing software engineer with a strong interest in functional web programming, continuous delivery, and design. He enjoys coding from home, reading HP Lovecraft, and vegan cuisine.

- Daniel is a Software Engineer at Firstbird building a SaaS employee referral tool, turning your network into a recruiting engine. He studied Business Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology and has built software professionally for banking, human resources and the public sector.