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Projects for today:

Akka-Stream Pagination Sources

• Technologies: Akka-Stream

• Level: advanced

• Mentor: Daniel Pfeiffer

• Goal: Contribute a common interface for paginated APIs to the akka/akka-stream-contrib project.

It will be implemented as one or more akka-stream sources and support various pagination methods (offset/limit, page-nr, next page link). As an outcome we can hopefully open a pull request the akka-stream-contrib repository. Contributing to OSS is not hard and projects like akka/alpakka or akka/akka-stream-contrib make it even easier to contribute some code and have it reviewed by members of the akka team.


• Technologies: Scala.js

• Level: intermediate

• Mentor: Matthias

• Goal: Hands on an Ajax interface to external systems.

Let's get started with Scala.js!

Building on an existing web app skeleton, we create a page that displays the current rate of your favorite cryptocurrency. From there, we can go farther and explore what else we can do with our web app and blockchain technologies.

Space Ship 3D Models

• Technologies: Scala.js, Three.js

• Level: beginner

• Mentor: Oleg Rudenko

• Goal: Learn Scala basics by copying and modifying the working code.

We have a working Play + Scala.js + Three.js project. You can read and play with the code to create your own fancy 3D Space Ships.

Space Game Multiplayer

• Technologies: Scala.js, Web-Socket, Actors

• Level: intermediate

• Mentor: Oleg Rudenko

• Goal: Hands on a client/server communication in pure Scala Web-App.

We have a working Play + Scala.js + Three.js project, we can control position of Camera with keyboard. Still everybody sees its own universe and feels lonely. Let's make a common world where we could see each other!


I think that coding together is very profitable for newcomers and for experienced Scala developers.

It's obvious why is it good for a newcomer, but why would personally I go and help others to do first steps in Scala?

First of all in order to see what I have learned so far. Often I find myself in a state of 'unconcious expertise' - I use things that are obvious for me but I do not remember how much time it took to come to this solution. So it's a perfect time to make reflection, it helps me later to make correct estimates for time needed by other developers to complete some task and to learn some topic.

Besides that as a mentor I will choose projects I like to share. And who knows, probably I will find few more hands and heads who would help me also after the coding session.

Third - with your agreement we will publish your name as a mentor on our meetup page with a hope that this would be a significant argument during the next salary / hourly rate discussion.

If you would like to learn - just reply and let me know a little bit about you.

If you are ready to share your expertise - please let me know in which areas and if you have projects to work on together.