Scala Meetup - February 2019

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Stockwerk Coworking

Pater-Schwartz Gasse 11A, 1150 · Vienna

How to find us

The event takes place in the basement of Stockwerk Coworking. Just enter via the main entrance and take the first stairway to the right to get to the event space.

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Hi Scala Developers!

We are happy to announce a new meetup for the Scala Vienna User Group on the 19th of February, as usual taking place at Stockwerk Coworking.

18:30 Arrival
18:45 What’s new in the Scala Vienna User Group in 2019?
19:15 Lightning Talk #1 - cats.effect.IO vs scala.concurrent.Future
19:30 Lightning Talk #2 - Functional REST API with http4s (and Doobie Database Layer)
19:45 Raffle

The place will be open after the official part for some drinks and interesting discussions.

//Lightning Talk #1 - Daniel Pfeiffer

cats.effect.IO vs scala.concurrent.Future

In the history of Scala there have been various ways of modelling asynchronous computations. Some of them are more popular, some of them less. In the past years, the widely used scala.concurrent.Future got competition from various places with cats.effect.IO being one of the newest kids on the block. The talk will provide an overview of the IO type and the main differences to Future.

Daniel Pfeiffer is Lead Software Engineer at Firstbird, building a SaaS employee referral tool, turning your network into a recruiting engine. He studied Business Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology and has built software professionally for banking, human resources and the public sector, mainly working with Scala and Java. Besides his professional career, he is Co-Organizer of the Scala Vienna User Group and enjoys sharing his experiences with the community.

//Lightning Talk #2 - Gerhard Hipfinger

Functional REST API with http4s (and Doobie Database Layer)

REST APIs are the de facto standard in machine to machine communication. I will introduce http4s - a pure functional http/REST framework. Based on pure functional libs like cats and Developers can use it to implement nice looking REST APIs. You don’t need to be a functional guru to follow the intro - I myself am not a functional expert, but I like to design and write my APIs in a clean and readable way.

Gerhard Hipfinger is the CEO of openForce, software architect and consultant. He is working with the Java ecosystem since 1996, when he studied Computer Science at the Vienna University of Technology. He fell in love with functional programming - saying Scala - a few years ago. Developing is not his daily job any more, but he’s still keen on software architecture and software development processes. He is Co-Organizer of the Scala User Group Vienna and enjoys being part of the community.

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