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Scala Toronto (http://scalator.ca/) (scalator) is a great place to learn about the Scala (http://www.scala-lang.org/) language, libraries, JVM, Lightbend's Akka Platform (https://www.lightbend.com/akka-platform), and Data Engineering topics. We also promote about related progressive technologies and ideas! All skill levels are welcome.

Scala is one of the most popular languages to write data streaming platforms in. Implementing data platforms borrows a lot of concepts from Hadoop and the Big Data 1.0 space, but more often we see responsibilities blur with modern application development. For example, microservices can be thought of as long lived streaming services that consume and produce an unbounded set of data. A convergence of best practices and principles from the Big Data and Reactive Microservice world are enabling us to build high throughput, low latency, stateful, and ML-driven systems.

Join us to learn more about using Scala for the development of modern applications and data platforms.

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Sean Glover (http://seanglover.com/) @seg1o (https://twitter.com/seg1o) / Katrin Shechtman (https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrinshechtman/) @katrinsh (https://twitter.com/katrinsh/) / Calvin Fernandes (https://www.linkedin.com/in/calvin-lee-fernandes/) @cal_fern (https://twitter.com/cal_fern)

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Applicative: The Origin Story

Online event

Hi Scalators, We got another virtual event for you! This talk will dive into some category theory and will attempt to take the blinders off and make things a lot easier to understand by providing some real-world examples that you can use! We will be using Google meetup and the event will be recorded. Talk: Applicative: The Origin Story Description: Functors and Monads came from category theory but where did Applicatives come from? What is the Applicative type class and what can we do with it? This talk answers these questions and shows some practical examples of using Applicative Programming with Effects to solve real world problems. Speaker Bio: Justin Heyes-Jones is a Scala developer at the consulting company Yoppworks. He works from his home in Vancouver, Canada. He has been programming in Scala for eight years and is very interested (semi-fanatical) in purely functional programming. Apart from writing code to solve business problems, his other great joy is bringing seemingly complex technical topics to a wider audience. You can take a look at more of Justin's work here: http://justinhj.github.io Submitting your own talk: If you're interested in giving a talk about Scala, Scala libraries, Data engineering, or JVM topics please contact a Scala Toronto organizer. All experience levels are welcome. Scala Toronto Slack: I would also like to invite people to join our slack instance to chat with organizers, speakers, other members, and even recruiters! Click the following link to sign up. https://join.slack.com/t/scala-toronto/shared_invite/enQtNDM3Mzc2MDMyNjYyLTBkYWVkY2E4MTczZDg2YWE0NjljYjE1M2QyZjc4Y2U3N2M0ZDg4ZTA4ZjMwYTY4NzI5M2Q1NzA4ZjQ1OGE5Yjc

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