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Welcome to Spokane/CdA Role-Playing Gamers Meetup

This Spokane-Coeur d'Alene group is dedicated to all role-playing systems, genres, and settings games. Whether you love tabletop, live-action (LARP), or even cooperative computer-based role-playing games, this is the group for you!

If you love the camaraderie of cooperative problem solving, complex role-playing, or more simply the sound of dice rolling, the smell of leather armor, the bash of boffers, or prefer questing for adventure, the cheers of victory, and the lamentations of your opponents as you drive them before you - then this is the group for you. Serving the greater Inland Empire area surrounding Spokane, Post Falls, and CdA areas.

We enjoy not just the planning, plotting, and strategy associated with the hobby but also the fellowship, the in-person interaction, and camaraderie of playing together.

If this describes your idea of fun then you've come to the right place.

Anyone can suggest meetup for this group, and have it announced without the approval of the organizers, so feel free to throw up any time and location you'd like.

Check out our calendar and RSVP for our next adventure!

Upcoming events (5+)

Wednesdays D&D Adventures League at Uncle’s

• This is 5th Edition using D&D Adventures League Rules (http://dndadventurersleague.org/). There are currently two weekly tables. Lost Mine of Phandelver is an adventure for characters of 1st level. During the course of the adventure, the characters will advance to 5th level. This table frequently fills up so we need an additional Dungeon Master. Curse of Strahd will take players up to 10th level and the average party level is currently 5. The number of players at this table tends to fluctuate.

Drop In & RPG Friday - Spark Central 4-7 pm

Spark Central

Drop In and RPG at Spark Central 4th Friday Each Month: https://spark-central.org/ 1214 West Summit Parkway, Spokane, WA,[masked] [masked] More about our Drop In and RPG Sessions every week: https://www.dropinandrpg.com Free and open to the public role-playing games, open to the general public. Fridays 4-7 pm. There people can drop in and join either a 1-shot RPG session, or continuing campaigns. IMPORTANT RULES: Seating is first-come-first-serve, but also adult players are expected to give up their seat for new youth players if we are at capacity. Also more experienced players are expected to let new players have a chance to try out RPG if we are at capacity. Generally ages 5 to 105+. Games usually offered range (depending on GM availability and player demand): * Doctor Who RPG * Adventures in Middle-earth (D&D in Middle-earth) * The One Ring Role-Playing Game * Star Trek Adventures RPG * No Thank You Evil (ages 5+) * Super Hero RPG * Steampunk RPG * Mystery / Procedural RPG * Dungeons & Dragons BECMI, AD&D 1st Edition, or 5th Edition SMS/Cell:[masked]

I'll be starting a Vampire Dark Ages campaign.

Knowhere Comics Coffee and Games

This game has the potential to stretch from the dark ages to the modern nights and dove tails several published Dark Ages story chronicles. I'm excited and honored to see so much interest so soon. I'm looking forward to meeting and entertaining all of you. There have been a couple questions regarding version and setting. I'll try to consolidate some of the answers here. 1) The only thing you absolutely NEED to play in one of my games is a character concept, an open and mature mind, and you most favorite writing tool. I have dice, books, and character sheets for those that need them. 2) Which brings up the topic of version. While I have a LOT of digital resource materials available thanks to Randy I find them too cumbersome to maneuver during a game. With that in mind I'm going to rely heavily on my hard copy of Vampire: Dark Ages as printed in 96, WW2800. I'll continue to tweak here and there as my research continues. I encourage you to bring hard copy reference material if you have them. 3) Use any character sheet you wish. https://mrgone.rocksolidshells.com/davampire.html is a good source. (continued)... 4) The game is starting in Transylvanian Chronicles I in the late 12th century. It begins before the Convention of Thorns so there is no Assamite blood curse, no Sabbat, and no Camarilla...yet. 5) Based on the time and location there are some factors to consider when creating a character. Salubri may find themselves as a lame hen in a wolf den. Tremere and Tzimisce will be naturally inclined to kill each other than work together more so than any other clan combination. Because this campaign involves the rise of the Giovanni, Capadocian characters may find themselves on a dead end path to extinction. Now, that's not saying that I forbid these things, I just want players going in with eyes wide open. 6) Finally, feel free to buy what ever generation you wish 12 to 7 but new characters only. If you put one together before the game email it to me at coyote.walkingtall@gmail for review. Thanks everyone! See you soon. Dave.

Weekly D&D Adventures League For Adult Players

This will be a Bi - weekly game for ages 17+. While this is a game for mature players Uncle's is still a family friendly store. Currently running (More DMs always appreciated) Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts every other Sunday. This is 5th Edition using D&D Adventures League Rules (http://dndadventurersleague.org/) Charcters need to be 5thto 10th level. Patrick Fleming has Stepped in to run Elemental Evil on alternative Sundays so come Join him I provide all needed material from dice, maps and minis to the modules.

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