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Science, Society & Science Fiction Monthly Meetup
We meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Some of us have dinner first at the restaurant two doors down, at 5:30. Feel free to bring up any aspect of science & society, or science fiction. Topics can include either: science and philosophy (natural sciences, social sciences, philosophy, philosophy of science, technology, science & society) or science fiction (movies, novels, TV shows, etc.). (Also, you might have suggestions for some upcoming group activities, such as going to a movie, museum, or other event, as a group. New members might want to tell a bit about their interests. Some members are also interested in another group related to science, technology, and society: Society, History, & Social development

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This group is for people interested in science & society, philosophy, or science fiction, including:

A) any aspect of science fiction (movies, novels, TV shows, science fiction art, etc.), or other relations between science and the arts (such as science illustration, nature photography, kinetic art, architecture, etc.). Science fiction can include social science fiction, philosophical science fiction, political science fiction, technological science fiction, adventure science fiction, etc.

B) any aspect of science & society, or philosophy, such as: natural sciences; human sciences; book discussions; technology & society; robotics; environmental science; natural history; philosophy of science; engineering; social evolution; geology; medical technology; anthropology; historical geography; energy technology; industrial history; economics of technology; astronomy; social philosophy; natural resources; futurism; sociology; technology and industry; chemistry; materials technology; evolutionary economics; mineral resources; science & ethics; medical technology & biotechnology; behavioral sciences; environmental science and ecology; engineering & society; physics; medical economics; urban planning; evolution; economic history; psychology; history of science and technology; industrial development; space exploration; regional science; economic development; natural resources; biology; paleontology; archaeology; etc.

We sometimes go to movies as a group, and other possibilities can include events related to science, technology, social sciences, or science fiction, such as museums, conventions, etc.

Some members also participate in another Meetup related to society, technology, and ideas: Society and History

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