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Do you love science and have a background in it or maybe played one (a scientist) in a show one time? Do you also love wine and/or beer, exploring new places in this city, and meeting new people with the same interests as you? Then this is the perfect group for you!!
I wanted to find a group that focused on the sciences and academics while also doing fun social things like wine tasting, pub crawls, exploring new local restaurants, trivia nights, karaoke nights etc. and found myself disappointed at not finding any so I'm starting one myself.

This is the perfect group for those of you who love to have intellectually stimulating conversations about the sciences, arts, and humanities while also having fun.

We'll meet up twice a month (date TBD), and each time we will discuss a different topic so if there is a topic in the sciences or academia fields that members want to talk about, by all means make sure to bring it up. We will also have special speakers come and present every so often on different topics, and then do a Q&A.

Some meet up ideas I already have are doing a wine tasting and pairing, doing a cooking class, hosting a dinner party, booking the observatory in Hyde Park, coffee shop meet ups, karaoke at Tostados, and some more.

Now for the housekeeping:

1. Because there are adult beverages the age for this group is 21+ but it's honestly marketed to the late 20's (like 28 ish) and older. This is open for both men and women of all backgrounds, races, religions etc. The more diverse the better.

2. For the RSVP's, in order to have the group be intentional and get the most out of it, if you say you're going to be somewhere, then be there. If you can't make it, change the RSVP. 2 no shows and you will be terminated from the group.

3. This group is going to be very community driven, meaning it's going to be a very intentional group otherwise I wouldn't have wasted my time creating it. I would assume if you are joining you are equally intentional in wanting to be in community as well. With that said members that have been inactive for more than 3 months will be removed from the group to create space for those who want to get to know each other.

3b. Also because this group is going to be very community driven and intentionally engaged, you need to have a clear profile picture on your profile so we know you're not a bot. If you join and don't have a profile picture we'll ask that you put one up, otherwise we'll assume you're a bot and you'll have to leave the group.

4. We're adults so I shouldn't have to say this but nonetheless, give the respect you want to be given. I'm not an overly PC person (former navy so I have the mouth of a sailor) nor am I a social justice warrior, but if something is said that is blatantly below the belt, that if it were to be taped it would go viral, then I have no choice but to remove you from the group.

5. Right now there will not be any dues for this membership. I will cover the costs.

6. Have a blast. Meet new people. Eat good food. Drink good wine or beer. Long live science and learning!

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