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Got Stress?

Trouble Sleeping?


Aches & Pains?

Low Energy?

Excessive worry?

Why not utilize scientifically proven tools, both modern and ancient, to change brain wave patterns in order to reduce stress & boost the immune system, while increasing mental clarity, productivity & happiness?

With stress being one of the leading causes of anxiety, unhappiness, and major illness such as heart disease and cancer, experts agree that reducing stress is vital to our health.

Numerous scientific and medical studies support the validity of the techniques taught by Barbara Cole, and even large corporations now include them in their employee wellness programs. Companies such as Google, Amazon, IBM, PepsiCo, AT&T, Nike, HBO, Apple, & many other Fortune 500 companies use these tools and have seen results!

Barbara has personally taught these techniques at large corporations, schools, recovery centers, retreats, seminars, incarceration facilities, hospitals, and more.

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Join in on one of our group gong meditations, Reiki classes, or Gong classes! Or see Barbara for a private session which can include Reiki, Gong, Chakra Clearing, NLP, medicinal oils, Shamanic energy clearing, Meditation Mentoring, Ionic Detox foot bath, or any combination! We also offer private group classes!

Our mission: To raise the consciousness of the human race, one soul at a time. Why? As each of us work to raise our own consciousness, everyone benefits. Concepts like peace, prosperity, and love cannot happen “out there” before first happening “in here”; it is always an inside job!

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